6 Tips To Find The Best Subject Matter Experts For Your eLearning Company

6 Tips To Find The Best Subject Matter Experts For Your eLearning Company

The eLearning industry has been subject to multiple changes in recent years. Also, with changes, there has been a vast rise of eLearning companies in the market. But, do you know what keeps them going? It is the subject matter expert group!

Subject matter experts play a huge role in the success of an eLearning industry. It is with their expertise that companies can get a better audience reach. But, do you know who are they?

They are none other than the people who have in-depth knowledge of a specific subject and excel in that field. Let’s understand this with an appropriate example.

Your eLearning solution company lacks a physics expert. But, you need to create modules where comprehensive details are necessary. This is where the SMEs can be of help! If your company hires a subject matter expert in Physics, there will not be any reason to fret!

Subject matter specialists have expertise in a specific discipline. From simple to the most complex questions, they can answer everything. In fact, they have exceptional research skills as well! Today with content marketing getting fierce, we see SMEs and virtual reality in almost every industry.

Do you want to hire SMEs for your company but don’t know where to begin? Let’s explore this blog and find some practical tips to hire the best subject matter experts.

How to Find the Best Subject Matter Expert?

Several eLearning companies leverage SMEs to bring maximum benefits to their web pages and blogs. But aren’t you here to know the secret tips to find the best SMEs? Let’s look at some efficient ways to get your company the best subject matter experts without further delay.

1. SMEs with Hands-on-Approach

The first step to finding an excellent SME is to know whether they are a team player. Because, if SMEs don’t dive in with the learning management team and provide the necessary guidance, what’s the use? So, your company should look for an SME who is ready to offer their input and is proactive.

Also, the subject matter specialists must be active members of the eLearning team rather than working as mere observers.

2. Make Sure of the Quantity and Quality of their Experience

This got you puzzled, right!  We know what quality states here, but what about quantity? To hire an exceptional SME for your company, you must know the length and breadth of their work.

Before you decide to hire an SME, have a thorough background check. If you hire an SME, who has written a bulk of content but lacks quality, will that work for you? No!

So, quality matters! But doesn’t the length of experience matter! Sometimes, it does! For example, a novice SME might not be able to give your company what you need at that time. They need to understand your company’s niche and deliver content accordingly.

So, it is always better to look for a subject matter expert with expertise and skills.

3. Know the Work Process of a Subject Matter Expert

It’s always better to be a step ahead. After you know about their work quality, enquire about their work process.  An SME with expertise and knowledge will be able to give you an entire outline of the way they work.

As an employer, you’ll need to know about how they research and present information. Research is a long process. An SME has to read many topics, blogs, and articles to be able to deliver perfection.

But, along with that, the SME needs to work smart. It is unnecessary and, in fact, inappropriate to put up everything you’ve researched.

So, it is essential to know how they select their key takeaways. Also, the subject matter expert must be able to cope up with the change. They need to adapt to the work environment and do the best for any eLearning project.

You must hire subject matter experts who have flexibility and adaptability traits. Also, if they need to lead specific tasks, they need to have the ability to explain and present precisely.

4. Test their Communication Skills

Along with their work process, don’t you think it’s necessary to check their communication skills? After all, the SME will represent your company.

So, it is essential to know the way they communicate. You must have an open line of communication with the subject matter expert. You can check that by sending them some questions and looking at their response. Checking their timeline will also give you an added benefit.

What to look for in their response? You need to see the way their respond, the language they use, the details they put in, and the time they take. All these are crucial aspects while considering an SME for your company.

Do you know why you need to look for the time? It is because your company may need rapid eLearning modules too! There, the time window is narrower. So, if your SME doesn’t respond on time at the very beginning, can you expect punctuality from their end? No!

So, while looking at communication skills, ensure to check these aspects of the subject matter expert too!

5. Assess their Ability

Before your company hires an SME, isn’t it necessary to access their skills as well? Now, having knowledge and expertise and being able to convey the same is a very different thing.

So, without assessing the SME’s ability to articulate the subject matter, you must not hire them. The main aim of hiring an SME for your company is to reach out to the audience well.

If your SME isn’t able to do so, will that work for your organization? Obviously not! So, it is necessary that your check the way of their writing.

Also, you need to look at their ability to break the complex modules into smaller units. The units need to be clear, precise and deliver the information accurately.

Bringing the right subject matter expert to your eLearning team is essential regardless of your business size.

6. Know What Your Company Wants

This last point is highly crucial for organizations that want to hire subject matter experts. You have tested every sort of ability and hired an SME, but does it fit the company’s needs?

If not, was your SME hunt worth it? So, before hiring an SME, you must be clear of your company’s goals first.

Your company needs to be sure if it needs an SME for academic, business, and research writing or content marketing. This will enable your company to find subject matter experts with quality expertise in a specific niche.

Also, your company needs to take care of the following things:

  • Are you looking for a subject matter expert who has done extensive research in your specific field?
  • Does your company want a novice or an experienced SME?
  • What is your budget, and will the SME fit the budget?
  • What is the timeline? Will the SME be able to deliver projects maintaining that timeline?
  • Does your company want a simple consultation or wants an SME who writes the content?

After you have all the questions answered, you can start your search to find the best SME.

Wrapping Up

Subject matter experts have gained immense prominence worldwide. With the rise in competition in the eLearning market, the demand for quality subject matter specialists has soared up! But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can compromise on the quality of the SMEs.

The tips mentioned above will greatly benefit companies that are tirelessly looking for subject matter experts.

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