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Scribing Professional Conversations for Accurate Documentation

Acadecraft is a leading localization services provider offering affordable transcription services for businesses in the UK. We offer Business Transcription, Medical Transcription, Legal Transcription, among others.
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Key Issues

Businesses require transcription services for documenting crucial professional conversations. The transcriptions must be accurate and error-free, as any error may lead to severe misunderstandings. So, businesses often search for professional transcription services providing companies with higher accuracy rates. But, many services providing companies do not proofread the transcripted documents before delivery, and hence never record any errors.

Moreover, many service providers lack skilled and certified transcribers. The inexperienced transcribers often fail to follow the pace of the conversations. As a result, they may miss many crucial points. Also, the unskilled transcribers are not familiar with the technical terminologies, so they fail to transcribe the highly technical conversations accurately. Also, the companies often require transcription services in multiple languages. But, many transcription service providers offer transcription services in a limited set of languages. Hence, they fail to fulfil the client’s requirements.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has certified linguistics and experienced transcribers. We offer professional transcription and translation services in more than 200 languages. Our transcribers are well trained to do faster transcriptions accurately. Hence, they never miss any information. We repeatedly check the transcripted texts before delivery. Hence, our transcriptions are always accurate and error-free. We understand that the transcribers are often a part of many confidential business conferences. So, we ensure that the transcribers maintain hundred per cert confidentiality.

We follow a 24-hour turnaround policy for our transcription services. We offer all types of transcription services in online, audio, video, and live modes. Acadecraft has specialist transcribers for business, medical, and legal transcriptions. Our experts are well familiar with the technical, medical, and legal terminologies. Acadecraft offers affordable transcription services and full-time support to our clients.

Types of Transcription Services

Acadecraft delivers transcription services in both live and online modes. Some of our transcription services are described below.

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Business Transcription

Acadecraft has trained business transcribers who can accurately transcribe all the essential points discussed during conversations. They can efficiently follow the pace of the conversations. Acadecraft offers confidential transcriptions in multiple languages.

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Medical Transcription

Acadecraft has certified medical transcription experts who can accurately transcribe medical terminologies. We also offer transcription-translation combined services. Medical experts recheck our medical transcriptions.

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Legal Transcription

Our legal transcription services providers transcribe the court trials, legal conversations, and meetings. We offer the services in both online and offline modes. Our clients can check the transcripts and can request modifications.

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Video Transcription

Our transcribers efficiently transcribe the video conferences and webinars. The transcripted texts are delivered as hard or soft copies within a maximum of 24 hours. We offer 24x7 video transcription services to our clients.

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Audio Transcription

Our audio transcribers transcribe both live audio calls and recorded audio messages. The transcribers make sure that the tone of the verbal conversations is kept intact in the written documents.

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Multi-Language Transcription

The conversation is transcripted in multiple languages simultaneously. Acadecraft delivers multi-language translation services in more than 200 languages worldwide. We have certified linguistics specialists for these services.

Our Clients

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Business Companies

The business companies use our business transcription and translation services for documenting crucial business meetings, deals, and conversations. We offer affordable, fast, and confidential transcription services.

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Healthcare Industry

Acadecraft offers certified medical transcribers to the medical industry on a full-time basis. We also effectively translate and transcribe the multilingual conversations. Our transcribers are available even during odd hours.

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Legal Authorities

Acadecraft helps legal clients in translating, transcribing, and documenting all the legal proceedings. We transcribe court trials, agreement talks, and other legal conversations. We deliver the verified transcripts within a single day.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to understand their needs and finalise the deal. Then, the project is allocated to one of our transcription experts. The experts then discuss the project details, schedules, and deadlines with our clients. We complete and deliver the projects strictly as per the time frame decided by our clients. Before delivery, our quality analysts analyse the accuracy of the transcription. Our clients can also check the accuracy of the transcripts. We always modify the transcripts as per the client’s requirements.

Hence, we connect, discuss, schedule, curate, analyse and deliver!

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