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Professional EPUB Conversion Services For Clients’ Digital Material

We are a company delivering high-quality interactive ePub conversion services to all our valued clients.
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Key Issues

eBooks are becoming increasingly popular over time. They are available in various formats like ePUB and PDF. However, when it comes to the compatibility and flexibility that eBooks can offer, the ePub format stands out significantly. Not only does ePub facilitate easy downloading and accessibility, but it also provides a responsive interface. So, publishers look for manuscripts in the ePub format to quickly create an interactive and readable eBook. Clients look for professional and quality ePub conversion services to handle high volumes of material and convert in record time.

Expert ePub conversion services, know what graphics, fonts, and formats create an accurate conversion. To place the text, graphs, illustrations, images, tables and other visual elements appropriately, conversion service providers must have in-depth knowledge and experience in coding and software advancement. Finding a service provider that can meet all of the client’s requirements and deliver across different concepts and academic fields is challenging

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft delivers quick and accurate ePub conversions for clients across all genres of information. We convert academic content, novels, files, brochures, prospectus, fliers and other digital content that the client requires. Our ePub conversions assure greater interactivity and readability to users. The team has years of experience in converting ePubs for every digital platform and delivering quality conversions through multiple review processes. We test and validate every eBook for heightened engagement and provide cost-effective and consistent conversion services. Our experts customise every project by integrating various formatting elements like images, tables, videos, graphs, charts and diagrams into ePub conversions. We use the epub check 3.0 tool to check the compliance of our conversions with the ePub specifications. Our ePub files are operable across all devices, provide higher security and are every retailer’s favourite. We deliver our services 24x7 worldwide.

Types Of EPUB Conversion Services

Acadecraft accurately converts digital material in PDF, MOBI, Indesign, Word, HTML, XHTML and other possible formats into an interactive ePub material. We deliver cost-effective conversion services for clients associated with different industry sectors and guarantee superior quality ePub content that adheres to all standard guidelines.

Our ePub conversion services include:

  • PDF to ePub
  • Word to ePub
  • PPT to ePub
  • InDesign to ePub
  • Printed books to ePub
  • Key to ePub
  • Video embedded ePub files
  • Audio embedded ePub files
  • Fixed Layout ePub
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Our Clients

Educational Institutions


Acadecraft provides ePUB conversion services to schools, colleges, universities and eLearning platforms. We generate interactive and visually appealing academic content like eBooks, lesson plans, assessments, pamphlets, prospectus and other learning modules.



Acadecraft delivers cost-effective ePub conversions of training modules, marketing material, promotional content, product information, catalogues, brochures and other industrial content to different businesses. We convert for multiple formats and industry sectors.



Acadecraft supplies eBook conversions for manuscripts across all genres to publishers worldwide. They are integrated with audio, video, image and other interactive elements to attract readers and retailers alike. Our eBooks are compatible across all eReaders and comply with all conversion standards.

K6 Education Solutions

How It Works

At Acadecraft, we ensure to convert documents of all formats into ePub files for businesses. We guarantee higher engagement, accessibility and readability to all our clients.

First, we collaborate with the clients and understand their requirements. We then evaluate the content submitted to us and decide on the appropriate ePub conversion format. Next, we choose the right tools and software to convert the content according to client needs and integrate any video, audio or image content, if required. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy and compatibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, evaluate, choose, convert, review and deliver in our seven-step workflow.

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