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Unique Cover & Interior Page Designs for Enhanced Reader Engagement

We are a reputed eLearning service provider delivering customised cover page and interior page designs to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The first impression of a book essentially decides its selling capabilities. Most readers look through the front and back cover designs before deciding on which book to buy. Many flip through the pages and look for clear and attractive layouts. So, clients look for effective book design service providers that can deliver them beautiful designs for all book types and formats.

A professional book designer will deliver quick and creative cover page and interior page designs for books of all genres. However, most agencies lack experienced designers who can work with all content types and have the required technical expertise. It results in unattractive designs that bring down its chances of commercial success in the competitive market. Many end up delivering designs that do not conform to the book's message or motive, which is disappointing for both the client and the readers. Some have experts who are proficient in only a few languages, which impacts their service delivery. Instead of working with amateur designers and dealing with multiple reworks, clients can save time and money by engaging with a company that can offer the expertise of certified in-house book designers.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a reputed eLearning service provider in the UK, Acadecraft houses numerous talented and creative book designers. They are immensely skilled at using various software tools to create attractive illustrations, sketches, icons, pictures, cartoons, logos, and more. We also have designers who are experts in typesetting and formatting interior pages of a book. Our handpicked interior book designers deliver a seamless reading experience to clients by using appropriate font styles, white spaces, margins and other textual specifications. They colour correct images, format page layouts and edit punctuation errors if needed. Our team creates attractive headings and subheadings that best suit the book's genre. They use the latest software technology to incorporate high-resolution images, coloured photographs, charts, diagrams and other graphical elements. We are adept at designing simple textual books as well as image-laden books like children's books, cookbooks, photo books, medical and architectural books. The team always prepares quality designs that are in alignment with the client's preferences and format requirements. Depending on the various specifications of the printer, we format our graphics. Acadecraft guarantees the complete confidentiality of the client's source files and delivers services in multiple languages, 24x7 worldwide.

Types of Cover Page and Interior Page Design Services

Wide experience in multiple facets of designing has enabled Acadecraft to deliver various services. So, we cater to the needs of clients across all industry sectors.

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Book Design Services

Acadecraft offers attractive custom cover page and interior page designs for books of all formats and genres. We design historical books, novels, biographies, cookbooks, children's books, photo books, and much more. Our team uses appropriate thematic images and colour schemes for cover page and book jacket designs. They also design graphical elements like icons, logos and headings for the book's interior pages in the format desired by the printer.

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Ebook Design Services

Acadecraft designs cover pages and interior pages for eBooks as well. We design Kindle books, digital brochures, catalogues, and business documents like reports, proposals, product descriptions, and more. Our typography experts assure that the eBook designs are responsive and transparent. We integrate high-resolution images so that readers can observe the intricate designs. We deliver the designs in any desired format like pdf, epub, AZW or .mobi.

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Magazine Design Services

Acadecraft provides an attractive cover page and interior page designs for magazines. Our experts deliver designs in vibrant colour schemes and include multiple font types on a single page with variable page sizes and high-resolution images. We align our designs as per the magazine's topic, its target audience, client needs and format of publication. We ensure to meet all the client needs and deliver on time.

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Academic Design Services

Acadecraft designs sophisticated cover pages and interior pages design for various academic books like solution manuals, journals, assessment books, test banks and course-books. Our interior book designers accurately place tables, diagrams, charts, formulas, images, and other non-textual visual elements for a seamless reading experience. Depending on the academic discipline and target audience, we create subtle or conspicuous designs in multiple languages and formats.

Our Clients



eLearning platforms, schools, colleges, universities, and training centres in the UK use our cover page and interior page designing services for all academic books and eBooks. We ensure to customise our designs according to the subject matter and target audience.

Healthcare & Pharma


Acadecraft provides professional cover page and interior page designs for various corporate materials like manuals, catalogues, in-house magazines, reports, and eBooks. Our experts are well aware of the different technical terms used in the corporate industry and deliver accurate designs.

Software & Technology Companies


Acadecraft designs covers and interior pages for publishing houses in the UK and worldwide. We handle fictional and non-fictional content of all sizes, languages, and formats. Our designs boost the commercial success of books by enhancing customer engagement and readability.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, we work to create one of a kind book designs for our clients. Irrespective of the type and volume of content, we ensure to deliver well-researched designs to clients worldwide.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we collect their manuscripts. Depending on the book's format, target readers and genre, we form a team best-suited for the project. The team creates the final designs, which our quality analysts review for accuracy.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, collect, form, create, review, and deliver in our seven-step workflow.

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