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This privacy policy is meant to be a guide for our clients to venture through this website. We at Acadecraft totally understand the sensitivity of any information given to us by our clients, and hence are ethically bound to safeguard them. We never collect any information from our clients until and unless it is absolutely essential for fulfilling our commitments. It is our responsibility to use all the information given by our clients productively. Hence, we have devised an effective set of privacy policies to ensure that all the information is used for productive purposes only.

Please note that by agreeing to use our website, you have yourself agreed to our privacy policies and terms of use. Also, by registering to our website you have given us the full right to use the collected information for our functional purposes. If you do not want to disclose any information which is absolutely essential for our effective functioning, your access to our products and services will be limited.

If you find any inconsistencies or do not agree to some part of our privacy policy, please send an email to us explaining your concern. This will help us in resolving the issues and serving you better.

The guided periphery under which we will be using the information given to us according to the privacy policy of Acadecraft Pvt. Ltd. are discussed below.
  • We use all the client information strictly for internal and functional purposes like information processing and record keeping. We strongly refrain from sharing it with any third party client, except in cases where our clients have themselves requested us to share their information.
  • We have strong security checks on our database. With the help of multilayered protection, we ensure that our database is not all accessible to any unwanted person.
  • Whatever data we gather is rightfully owned by Acadecraft Pvt. Ltd. We never sell or trade any kind of data given to us by our clients.
  • However, we do allow third party clients for some aspects of management of this website, such as the tools for the social media end.
  • Do note that in case of copyright issues, the clients will need to send us all the information regarding the infringed portion. We will guide you through all the legal proceedings.
  • If you are having any problem with our website, you can anytime mail us at Few common instances are as follows:
  • In order to delete any data we have on our website
  • To get a copy of your data that we have on our website
  • The content of this website is copyrighted to Acadecraft Pvt Ltd.
  • You can store the data from our website for personal use. However, we will not be responsible for your loss in doing so, if we are not directly involved in it.
  • The limitations of using our data includes using it personally, or for the research purpose of your organisation. You must not sell, redistribute or rebroadcast it for any kind of monetary gain.
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