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Enhancing Learning Experiences By Developing Educational Design Solutions For Clients Worldwide

We are a professional educational design service provider helping e-Learning businesses and corporates impart knowledge and information effectively.
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Key Issues

Academic content is not just limited to books and tests. It also includes curriculums, manuals, courses, lesson plans, assessments and other specific content. Developing such a wide range of services alone is challenging so institutes look for educational design services that can take care of all such needs. From designing an inclusive curriculum to framing subject-specific test questions, professional educational designers can do it all. An experienced educational design solutions company must create content that aligns with the learning objectives, curriculum standards and pedagogy patterns, prescribed by the client. It should also deliver the content on time and across different time zones.

However, most designers fail to deliver information that takes the educational level and language standards into consideration. They end up creating content that is way too complicated to understand or too simple to appeal to academic experts. Sometimes educational designers are not well-versed with the latest software, which compromises the quality of content.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is equipped with the best team of professionals who designs customised content for different subjects, academic fields and educational levels. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), writers, educational designers and editors are mindful of the prerequisite knowledge and literary skills and develop educational content as per the client requirements. They create, edit and redesign course books, assessments, manuals, curriculums, lesson plans, tests, and much more. Our learning modules are interactive, attractive and reliable. Along with the accuracy of information and language, we also consider the aesthetics, like the organisation of content, curriculum framework, usage and placement of supporting multimedia, and formatting. We design student-centric content mapped to the curriculum's learning objectives. With our experts' pedagogical awareness, we plan and finalise learning material only after repetitive scanning and quality checks. We ensure that the modules are supported by relevant examples, graphics, and other inclusions wherever needed. Our modern teaching approaches integrate online and virtual teaching to achieve optimal and timely results. We deliver our services 24*7 worldwide.

Types of Educational Design Solutions

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Curriculum design

Acadecraft's experienced curriculum planners design accurate curriculum frameworks following the client's learning standards and pedagogy patterns. Our creative curriculum designers incorporate innovative and interactive ways of learning into their designs so that the client can impart education in an effective and impactful manner.

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Assessment design

Our team has skilled designers specialised in developing high-quality assignments. They are well-versed with different software tools, academic standards, and pedagogy patterns. They draft innovative and logical questions that help test the overall knowledge and critical thinking abilities of learners. The test modules are supplemented with pictures, graphics, charts, illustrations and other interactive elements that make assessments fun and interesting.

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Learning design

Professional education designers at Acadecraft create learning designs for diverse educational institutions and corporates. They design the content as per the specific learning objectives and business goals for every subject and work domain. Our compact and accessible designs assure effective learning outcomes and engagement. After in-depth planning, we prepare the modules and include learning content, teaching interactions, and activities to impart information interestingly.

Our Clients

Online elearning educational design solutions


Acadecraft provides educational design services to E-learning companies that deliver interactive and diverse learning content to their clients. Our services are designed as per the learning objectives and pedagogy standards prescribed by our client. We provide learning services for E-learning modules across a wide range of concepts, topics and study disciplines.

Online elearning educational design services

Educational Institutes

Schools, universities and higher education institutes rely on Acadecraft for innovative educational design services for their E-learning outreach. Our services are atis customised to fit all educational levels and academic disciplines, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications. We also provide learning content for training institutions in the required skills.

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Acadecraft designs educational content for publishers. We create books, catalogues, pamphlets, manuals, and assessments with precision. We have earned numerous publishers' trust by delivering engaging, accurate and timely content across various topics and formats.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our workflow ensures that we deliver optimal learning design solutions for all educational content types to clients on time.

First, we understand the client requirements and identify the areas and ways of designing educational content. Then, we document the required efforts and create a blueprint. Based on it, we develop relevant content. Finally, our quality analysts, educational designers, and editors review the educational design content for accuracy of information, format, and language.

Hence, we collaborate, identify, document, design, develop, review, and deliver our seven-step workflow.

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