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About Our Early Education Services

Education in the UK comprises of four levels, namely primary, secondary, further and higher education. Early education includes the first three levels, attended by students between the age of five and eighteen.

As these years build the foundation of education, they are a critical part of one's life. Most students find their fields of interest and decide whether they will carry on their academic journey based on their experiences during the early education period.

So, Acadecraft is constantly finding and creating innovative ways of teaching and assessing students so that they can learn something new and useful every day. Our efficient learning tools and services allow both teachers and learners to interact and gain from each other.

Types Of Early Education Services

Before delivering any service, we ensure that we adhere to all the client guidelines, quality standards, learning objectives, and pedagogy patterns.

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Acadecraft creates interactive assessments for all our educational clients in the UK. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have in-depth knowledge and experience in every subject taught and practised in the early education institutes. They develop assessments based on the target audience's curriculum, language use, pre-requisite knowledge, and educational level. Our assessments aim to test the critical thinking, logical reasoning and writing abilities of learners.

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Content Development

Acadecraft's professional writers and SMEs create accurate, interesting and inclusive content for any subject desired by the client. Depending on the availability of resources and teaching patterns, we include audio-visual, gamification, simulation, or AR and VR elements in our content. It assures easy understanding and retention by learners and also keeps them engaged throughout the lesson.

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Copy Editing

Apart from creating content, Acadecraft also copy-edits content of all concept fields and educational levels. We have skilled editors who are fluent in multiple international languages and have in-depth subject knowledge. Their copy editing services assure that the content is unique and free from grammatical, punctuation, and language errors. They also monitor the flow of information, the structure of content, and vocabulary.

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Typesetting content in the right way is just as effective as creating accurate content. Acadecraft's qualified typesetters are skilled at using the suitable typeface, font styles, margins, whitespaces, headings, and other visual elements of a text. Presenting text in an attractive and organised manner helps in engaging learners with the content. We typeset children's books, eBooks, magazines, articles, journals and other reading materials.

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Curriculum Development

Acadecraft designs the best curriculums for early education. We cater to primary, secondary and further education clients. Our curriculums are focused on making learning an interactive and practical experience. It includes teaching and learning elements that allow learners to participate in various exercises and think innovatively. We incorporate out-of-the-box assignments that facilitate learning through play.

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Teacher-Student Manuals

We provide teacher and student manual development services to schools, publishers and eLearning platforms providing early education facilities. Our manuals include lesson plans, focus areas, assessment patterns, teaching techniques, learning tools, chapter guides and other helpful elements that elevate the learning quality. We create both course-wise and subject-wise manuals for teachers and students.

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Quality Check

We provide quality check services for clients that create their content or outsource it from elsewhere. Acadecraft's experienced quality analysts detect and eliminate irrelevant information, inaccurate or outdated data, improper language use, common grammar errors and other loopholes from the content. They also look for legal violations and compliances related to the content. Our quality checking process includes fact-checking, editing and proofreading.

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Video Solutions

Acadecraft's video designers collaborate with SMEs and technical experts to create effective video solutions for early education. We develop content using the latest technology, real-time IT platform support and manual expertise. These highly immersive video solutions adhere to all accessibility standards and guarantee an easier understanding of concepts. Apart from content, we also provide hosting platforms for video lectures, webinars and online classes.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we strive to deliver effective eLearning solutions to clients of the early education industry in the UK and worldwide. We aim to provide the best learning experience to students across all subjects.

Our work process begins with collaborating with our clients and understanding their requirements. Then, we identify the areas of development or creation and choose a team for executing the project. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy of language and information. They also check whether the service is meeting all the compliances prescribed by the client.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, identify, choose, execute and review before delivering any service.

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