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Accurate Whiteboard Videos at an Affordable Rate for our Clients

Acadecraft is a leading animation service provider offering high-quality whiteboard animation videos to businesses in the UK.
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Key Issues

As the learning and training sessions move online, the demand for quality Whiteboard Videos increases day by day. Businesses and Educational Institutions nowadays require error-free whiteboard videos daily. So, they often search for animation service providers who can regularly deliver whiteboard videos in a timebound manner. But, most animation service providers usually fail to provide perfect whiteboard videos within deadlines due to various technical issues.

Moreover, accurate content is an essential factor for creating good whiteboard videos. But, many animation service providers fail to deliver error-free content as their animators do not collaborate with the subject matter experts. It leads to ineffective whiteboard videos. Also, the whiteboard video curators sometimes produce the content without clearly understanding the client’s objectives and requirements. It leads to inappropriate video contents which do not align with the client’s goals.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft believes in ‘understanding the clients first’. So, our products are developed strictly according to our client’s requirements. We ensure that the content of our whiteboard animation videos is appropriate for our clients. Also, we understand that the clients require whiteboard videos for consumers with varied level of comprehension. Hence, the content of our videos is written in an elementary language. In addition, our animators always develop the products under the guidance of the subject matter experts. Our SMEs and Quality Analysts ensure that all the information delivered are accurate and error-free.

We offer long-term service commitment to our clients. We work under strict deadlines and ensure timely delivery of our products. In addition, we provide post-delivery services to our clients. Acadecraft develops all types of whiteboard animation videos for educational and business organisations. Our videos are cost-effective, business-friendly, and easily understandable.

Types of Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard videos can be used for varied purposes, right from simple presentations, to sales videos. The various types of whiteboard animation videos developed by us are discussed below.

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Overview Explainer Video

The overview explainer videos are used to describe anything in a short time. It can be used for giving company overview, topic overview, and chapter overview as well. The contents are written in the concise and crisp language. The clients can suggest and customise the contents as per their requirements.

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Product Description Video

Businesses often prefer whiteboard animation videos to give product descriptions and instructions of use. Our animators first correctly understand the products and then develop the videos. Afterwards, our technical experts check the videos thoroughly to ensure that all the descriptions are technically correct.

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Training Video

The training videos may be of varying lengths, as per the requirement of our clients. They can be as short as 2 minutes, to as long as 20 minutes or even more. Our animators develop customised training videos for our clients. The clients can give us prepared scripts or suggest topics to prepare the videos.

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Sales Video

The sales videos are designed to deliver greater conversions to our client’s business. We ensure that the best features of our client’s products are appropriately highlighted in these videos. Also, we write the scripts in a consumer-friendly language. After the videos are ready, our quality analysts check the overall quality of the videos.

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Holiday and Festive Greetings

Our clients can request custom created whiteboard greetings videos. These videos usually contain a short message along with the logo and symbol of our client organisations. The statements may be literal as well as story-based. We prepare the greetings in multiple languages, as per the client’s requirements.

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Whiteboard Presentations

Whiteboard presentations often include detailed statistical information. Our whiteboard video developers deliver every minute statistical information with great accuracy. We repeatedly check the videos to find out and rectify any error possible. Our clients can also request

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

The whiteboard animation videos are most popular with the education industry. Acadecraft delivers chapter-wise and topic-wise educational whiteboard animation videos for our clients. Our subject matter experts cross-check the videos to ensure their accuracy.

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Business Companies

Acadecraft delivers the most accurate training videos, description videos, instruction videos, and sales videos for its clients. Our videos align with the objectives and goals of our clients and ensure better conversion rates for our clients.

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E-learning Industry

The eLearning industry usually converts their learning resources to whiteboard videos to enhance understanding. At Acadecraft, senior subject matter experts design the content of these videos. Thus they are correct and understandable.

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How It Works

First, we connect with our clients to understand their needs and objectives. Then we decide the workflow of the projects. Then, our experts prepare the preliminary content for the project. Afterwards, we connect with our clients to discuss the outlines and gain their approval. Once our clients approve the contents, our animators prepare the videos. After completing the videos, they pass them to our subject matter experts.

Our subject matter experts then check the correctness of the videos. If the videos are correct, our SMEs deliver the videos to our quality analysts. The quality analysts check the overall quality of the videos and ensure that they are glitch-free. Once we are thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the videos, we deliver them to our clients within deadlines. We offer full-time support to our clients.

Hence, we connect, understand, create, test, and deliver.

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