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Using Optimal Authoring Tools To Create Maximum Impact In Record Time

We are a company utilizing rapid authoring tools to deliver e-learning solutions for businesses worldwide.
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Key Issues

Rapid e-learning is extremely helpful for projects that have shorter deadlines, smaller budget or insufficient resources. Many companies need fast delivery of E-learning services dispensed with high-quality user experience for temporary, dynamic projects and need regular updates. These may be employee, product or technology training programmes, annual reports, test-modules, and the like. Experts design immersive E-learning solutions using appropriate authoring tools that make it easier for developers to deliver rapid e-learning solutions in a short time. However, one must wisely choose the tools required to deliver content in line with the training needs, learning objectives and budget of the project. The tools may be pre-programmed, but experts need to examine and assess their usability and effectiveness in delivering accurate and appropriate solutions. Many developers lack the knowledge required to smartly employ the right authoring tool according to the project's needs and deliver unsatisfactory results.

Rapid Authoring At Acadecraft

Acadecraft is adept at using different effective authoring tools to create fast and interactive rapid E-learning solutions across various fields. The team employs easy to use rapid authoring tools that enable professionals to create simple quizzes, engaging E-learning sessions, and learner-friendly interfaces. We work with the best rapid authoring tools with distinct inbuilt features, speeding up the development process and allowing easy accommodation of desired features and strategies. Our team of experts check the usability and features of every authoring tool available before choosing the best-suited tool for a project. The tools help in creating effective web-based training courses without any prior coding and multimedia knowledge. Our rapid authoring tools create E-learning modules designed to meet clients' performance-based learning objectives, deliver more in less time, and are compatible across multiple devices.

Our Services

Rapid Authoring Solutions
Technical Expertise

Our team of experts can provide quick technical assistance regarding rapid authoring solutions to clients worldwide as they are well-versed in all the major rapid authoring tools.

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Increased Output

Acadecraft delivers optimal rapid learning solutions in a short time to clients that require a large amount of learning content on a continued basis. Using authoring tools with inbuilt features allow us to develop more content crisply and effectively.

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Diverse Services

Our rapid E-learning services are not centred around any one sector. The widely experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) team, designers, and editors at Acadecraft are equipped with knowledge across various business and education fields whether the content is text-heavy or demands many graphics, animations, and the like we design all in record time and affordable costs.

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We provide consultations to clients who need advice on the usability of rapid authoring tools. We suggest easy to learn tools that help them to develop their content, whenever required. We consider the client's learning objectives and recommend the most appropriate and beneficial authoring tool for them.

Our Clients

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E-learning Companies

Acadecraft delivers rapid E-learning platform services to various E-learning companies who need to deliver regular content across a wide number of fields and concepts. We strictly abide by the learning objectives and quality standards of our client at all times.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, university colleges, higher education institutes and further education institutes rely on Acadecraft for their rapid E-learning services. We provide optimal solutions across various fields and levels of education, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications.

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Acadecraft delivers rapid E-learning services to various business domains and offers consultations to enhance learner engagement and make employer-employee interactions fun and productive. We deliver timely content in the form of employee or technology training modules, product marketing strategy and many more.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our workflow ensures to create an impactful and timely delivery of rapid E-learning solutions across diverse fields and topics. Our modules guarantee easy accessibility, in-depth knowledge and an increase in the overall productivity of the learner.

We first, identify the basic requirements and learning objectives of clients, then determine the platform of content delivery. We then create content and decide on the best rapid authoring tool to ensure optimal and timely delivery of the content. Next, we boost user engagement by including interactive tests, discussions, graphics and more. Finally, we review and edit it for quality assurance.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we identify, determine, create, decide, boost and review.

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