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Early Education

Acadecraft provides top-notch E-learning and assessment services in the UK for primary, secondary and further education. We create, develop, edit, consult and assess E-learning content across all academic disciplines for educational institutions and publishing houses.

Higher Level Education

Acadecraft is adept at delivering reliable and diverse E-learning services to higher education clients. Experienced SMEs, researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders help deliver tailor-made academic services for specific curriculum pattern and learning goals.

Corporate Learning

Acadecraft is equipped with the latest technological knowledge and a skilled team of experts that can curate skill-based training programs, product demos, catalogues, manuals and more for various corporate clients.

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Acadecraft has a diverse team of SMEs who are highly qualified across various fields of academia. They are professional and skilled in writing, evaluating, researching and developing content for a wide range of clients involved in different industrial sectors in the UK. They have in-depth knowledge and experience in their respective domains and produce reliable specialised content.

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Instructional Designers

Acadecraft's designers create customised E-learning courses, platforms, modules, and more to deliver optimum e-learning services. Our designs are carefully made after assessing the target audience, client requirements, legalities, and latest market trends.

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Online Tutors

Acadecraft provides online tutoring services for various subjects in text-based, video-based and audio-based formats. Our online tutors deliver complicated concepts with clarity to ensure easier understanding and increased productivity of learners. Lessons imparted are interactive, accessible and available to all at all time.

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ALT-text Writers

Our experienced Alt-text writers can inscribe descriptive, precise, and useful Alt-texts to help visual elements, information, and language understand specially-abled better. Our writers have profound knowledge across multiple fields and deliver educational books, academic courses, industrial training, marketing schemes and more.

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Acadecraft's localisation services include translation, voice-overs, subtitling, dubbing, captioning and more. Our language experts and writers deliver content in native languages to assure accessibility to all. These services help businesses widen their reach and generate trust among the target audience.

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Tutoring Support

As a leading eLearning service provider in the UK, we have online tutors who are experts across various subjects and levels of education. They provide an interactive learning experience through tutoring modules supplemented with practical examples, assessments, and relatable references to make learning fun and easy.

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Assessment Content

Acadecraft creates unique and accurate assessments for various subjects and levels of education. They are designed to perfectly suit the curriculum needs and teaching-learning pattern prescribed by the client.

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Alt text

Alt-text writers at Acadecraft create and assess the content to assure maximum accessibility. They are well-versed with various skills and concepts which allows them to deliver services for all industry sectors in the UK. They aim to provide an inclusive learning experience to all.

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AR/VR Services

Acadecraft's team of experienced IT professionals deliver customised E-learning content using groundbreaking technology to address all AR & VR needs. We create interactive and engaging content to improve the learner journey and increase their engagement. AR and VR have different uses, market opportunities, and technologies.

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Learning Solutions

Acadecraft delivers world class learning and consulting solutions across various industry verticals. Our content developers and solution designers are equipped with the latest technological know-how, which allows them to create learner-friendly modules integrated with audio, visual, textual and simulation elements.

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