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We are a reputed company in the industry, providing eye-catching AR and VR E-learning services to our valued clients in the UK.
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Key Issues

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are emerging technologies that have taken the world of e-learning by storm. With technological advancement and wider accessibility, it has become one of the most sought consumer technologies. Although we mostly see them in the entertainment sector, there lies a great potential for AR and VR in e-learning.

Providing useful AR and VR services can be challenging as one needs to accommodate the learning objectives with advanced technological elements. Most e-learning service providers fail to deliver an immersive learning experience using AR and VR technology. Finding a team that can provide a heightened learning experience through training simulations and gamification is difficult. Any professional company providing these services must know the learning analytics and the latest technology to design learning modules that can assure greater productivity and learner satisfaction.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft'steam of experienced IT professionals deliverscustomised e-learning content using groundbreaking technology to address all VR & AR needs in the UK. We create interactive and engaging content to improve a learner's journey and increase their engagement.

Through our AR and VR e-learning modules, learners easily understand different concepts and gain in-depth knowledge. We are transforming educational content globally by delivering new and immersive experiences that present real-life scenarios, problems and solutions for training and development. We help learners be a part of life-like situations, which help them retain their experiences better and recall their learning when needed. Learners can explore the scenarios and learn new things every day whenever and wherever they are. Our services are available worldwide and round the clock for our clients.

Our AR-VR E-Learning Services

Acadecraftis supported by an experienced team of professionals who have a wide range of skills and understanding across various technologies.

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Online Simulation

We create interactive simulation training modules that allow learners to completely immerse themselves in a virtual situation devoid of external distractions. The simulations have an instructional design with standardised layouts, 3D graphics and animations. Our team uses AR and VR to build compliance safety training simulations where learners can interact with virtual elements step in a virtual learning environment with life-like scenarios to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

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Acadecraft designs gamified e-learning courses to make learning fun and easy. Our AR and VR enabled games to grant tangible rewards that learners can hold and feel. In regular games, these features are only visual aspects. Learners never lose interest in our modules as they guarantee continuous innovation and regular updates.

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Visual Assessments and Tracking

We design assessments using VR and AR technologies to enhance evaluation, record learner performance and track progress. They replay their performance, spot mistakes and come up with ways of rectifying them. Our solutions create such life-like portrayal of events that there is no room for doubt when understanding a problem or topic. Our experts track learners' eye movements to find out their interest and customise modules around it, ensuring greater learner engagement and accuracy.

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Educational Apps

Acadecraft produces functional, need-based, and easy-to-use educational apps for educational institutes and business organisations. Our applications deliver an interactive learning experience that enhances student and employee performance. We design them to suit the curriculum and technical specifications that the client requests.

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Visual Storyboard

Acadecraft's team provides visual storyboard development solutions to clients across different work domains. Our visual storyboards follow the client's essence, information, background, and context. The simulated storyboards help clients better understand and connect to concepts that may seem complicated otherwise.

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AR & VR Applications

The software development team at Acadecraft develop immersive, cost-effective and attractive AR/VR mobile applications. Our applications cater to various types of business needs and target audiences.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides AR and VR E-learning solutions for various E-learning companies in the UK that deliver high-quality interactive content to their clients. Our modules abide by the learning objectives and quality standards prescribed by our client at all times.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, collegesor any other educational institutes in the United Kingdom rely on our AR and VR services to deliver interactive e-learning content. We provide optimal solutions across various fields and education levels, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications.

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Acadecraft delivers informative and engaging online training modules that enhance learner engagement. We help organisations meet their learning objectives and business goals by confronting learners with real-life problems.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, our workflow guarantees optimum AR and VR e-learning solutions to clients across a wide range of work domains and sectors in the UK. We design our solutions in line with the learning benefits and goals prescribed by the client.

At first, we understand our clients' business requirements. Then, we identify the areas to implement our AR and VR solutions into those. We then document the required efforts and follow by creating a script. Then we design the template accordingly before developing the actual content. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for accuracy before authenticating it for submission. Hence, in our seven-step process, we understand, identity, document, create, design, develop, assess, authenticate and submit.

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