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Making Learning Efficient By Employing Best Practices Drawn From In-Depth Research

We have an exceptional team of instructional designers delivering services for our valued customers around the globe.
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Key Issues

With the growing integration of E-learning modules into education and training, instructional designers have become an indispensable resource for educational institutes and businesses. Instructional designers collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create and develop instructions for businesses. They customise and redesign courses and curriculums for interactive e-learning experience.

A professional Instructional designer must conceptually understand the process of learning and know-how to connect with the target audience emotionally. The solutions they create must be accurate, informational and unique. They should be familiar with all the latest eLearning tools, software technology, and industry trends to develop useful learning courses and materials that meet the client requirements. Instructional designers should be experienced in a wide range of concept fields to research, facilitate, and adapt during the process of designing and finally delivering the product on time. Clients look for agencies who can provide experienced and qualified instructional designers who can provide customised content to clients worldwide.

Responsibilities of Instructional Designers

Responsibilities of Instructional Designers Our instructional designers have in-depth knowledge, work experience and technical efficacy to create and design instructional course structures and training modules as per client requests.

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After intrinsic research, our instructional designers:

  • Create interesting course curriculums
  • Ensure that designs are engaging and motivating
  • Understand clients and their needs
  • Develop and index proper instructions
  • Make attractive content
  • Incorporate trendy designs
  • Contribute meaningful insights
  • Develop suitable media
  • Edit the content for accuracy

Instructional Designers at Acadecraft

Acadecraft’s experienced team of instructional designers collaborate with clients and understand their requirements in detail. Their quality skills, promptness, competency and knowledge across different education and work domains make them excellent at meeting deadlines and business goals. They design eBooks, course books, subject books, thesis, pamphlets, brochures, presentations, training modules and other instructional content. Our professionals are mindful of many minute details of a project and deliver after it passes through rounds of quality checks. They work closely with the SMEs, software developers and quality analysts to bring out well-researched, comprehensive, attractive, and engaging content in line with client requirements. The modules guarantee client satisfaction, user engagement and increased productivity. Our instructional designers also design management systems and work towards selecting, modifying, and creating customised design and development models. They are fluent in multiple languages and can deliver 24*7 worldwide.

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