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Creating Interactive And Responsive Video Solutions Across Multiple Academic Disciplines For Easy Understanding And Retention

As an experienced eLearning company, Acadecraft delivers impressive learning videos for easy understanding to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Online tutoring and homework are highly essential parts of education. As most learners tend to avoid them, businesses constantly look for innovative ways to make it engaging. Interactive content such as learning videos, micro-videos, video lectures and more are popular choices.

Clients prefer to outsource learning videos instead of producing them on their own because it saves time and ensures better quality. Also, they can instead focus on creating compelling content. But choosing the right service is tricky. Most agencies are incapable of delivering multilingual content, while some do not have the technical expertise needed. Moreover, many services provide content for specific subjects only. It hugely limits their service delivery. Thus, finding a service that can deliver different types of video solutions on time is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has years of experience in the eLearning industry of the UK. So, we have all the manual and technical expertise needed to create interactive video solutions. Our videos align with the learning goals, curriculum requirements and regulatory standards mentioned by the clients. As a result, learners gain a smooth learning experience for all concept fields. We also include subtitles and voice-overs for the specially-abled to ensure greater accessibility.

Further, we have experts who use various AR, VR and animation tools to make learning more impactful. Certified linguists and SMEs assist our video-makers to develop multilingual videos for multiple subjects. Also, our developers ensure that the videos are compatible across all devices and screen sizes. They allow feedback from the users as well. Acadecraft handles a high volume of content and delivers on time across all time zones.

Types Of Video Solutions

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Micro videos

Acadecraft creates short instructional and topic-specific videos for clients. Instructors provide to-the-point explanations that are easy to understand and retain. Short descriptive videos are popular because they contain stepwise information.

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Tutorials and Lessons

Acadecraft designs tutorial videos for various subjects and concept fields. Mainly, the videos include direct instruction, interactive charts and virtual instructors. Our online tutors deliver lessons in multiple languages and accents.

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Presentation & Lecture Capture

We record and edit audio, video and PowerPoint presentations to deliver homework help. These videos usually span the length of a regular class. But to break the monotony, we include graphics and images wherever needed.

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Animated Videos

Acadecraft’s creates customised animated videos in 2D and 3D. Moreover, we ensure high definition videos accessible from all devices. They are easy to share and understand because we use the latest software tools and manual expertise.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft delivers interactive video solutions to eLearning clients worldwide. We integrate graphics, images and animations to allow easy understanding of concepts. Besides, we design tutorial videos for clients providing vocational skills as well.

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Acadecraft develops video solutions in correspondence with the various textbook problems. It helps teachers and learners to evaluate and solve homework quickly. Hence, schools, colleges and universities rely on our professional services for effective lecture delivery.

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Acadecraft designs innovative video solutions for eLearning publishers in the UK and worldwide. Our online tutors and SMEs assist in creating engaging videos as per clients’ target audiences. So, we deliver across all academic disciplines and educational levels.

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How It Works

Acadecraft produces customised video lectures for clients across all industry sectors. Also, our videos meet all the curriculum needs and pedagogy patterns prescribed by the client.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and document the areas of development. Then, we create a script for the specific video type. Our team then develops the video, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we understand, document, script, develop and review before delivery.

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