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We are an eLearning company providing abstracting & indexing services to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Abstracting and indexing are key features of any industry that deals with content. An abstract introduces a reader to the content while indexing provides a smoother reading experience. Both play a vital role in the commercial success of any content. So, clients worldwide aim for attractive abstracting and indexing of their content. However, having an in-house team just for that leads to high overhead costs. So, clients outsource professional expertise.

But most skilled writers end up writing monotonous abstracts and many indexing experts lack software knowledge. On the other hand, some writers create highly complicated abstracts. Also, many agencies provide average automated indexes and fail to serve clients 24*7. So, clients must be careful before choosing an agency as a partner. Professional agencies must deliver engaging abstracts and interactive indexes. However, finding such an agency that handles content in multiple languages is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is an established eLearning company in the UK. So, we have highly qualified academic writers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and book indexers. They work together to deliver compelling abstracts and responsive indexes. Besides, they handle all content genres and languages. So, we serve clients across all industry sectors. Our abstracts are reliable because the writers create them after extensive research.

On the other hand, our indexes are popular too. It is because we create both single and multiple indexes for fiction and non-fiction content. Our indexers use the latest indexing software and manual expertise. Our abstracting & indexing services boost reader engagement and sales. Also, we assure complete confidentiality of the client’s content at all times. We handle high volumes of information and deliver 24*7.

Types of Abstracting & Indexing Services

Our experienced team of writers and indexers are qualified to provide a range of Abstracting & Indexing services. So, we ensure to meet all the client needs, irrespective of the volume of content.

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Academic Abstracting & Indexing

Acadecraft delivers abstracting & indexing services for different academic content. We work with journals, books, eBooks, textbooks, manuals and more. Clients trust our services because we have experts who are proficient with all academic jargons and terminologies.

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Technical Abstracting & Indexing

Acadecraft houses many engineering writers from technical backgrounds. Their proven expertise in these disciplines allows us to work with technical content as well. Also, our indexers organise various technical keywords appropriately for easy cross-referencing.

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Legal Abstracting & Indexing

Our writers with an educational background in law deliver abstracting and indexing for legal content. They are highly reliable because they keep themselves updated with all the legal developments and research. Hence, they always provide accurate and updated services.

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Financial Abstracting & Indexing

Financial writings rarely interest the masses. So, clients use our abstracting and indexing services to increase content engagement and understandability. We handle financial information of different corporate organisations, government offices and more.

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Linguistic Abstracting & Indexing

Apart from subject knowledge, linguistic content also requires language expertise. Acadecraft’s multilingual abstracting and indexing experts work with content from different regions. So, our services are accessible to clients worldwide.

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Fictional Abstracting & Indexing

Acadecraft provides abstracts and indexes for classic novels, children’s books, short stories and more. It helps clients keep track of different elements in a series. So, they directly avail any previous information without having to reread the preceding books.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft creates academic abstracts and indexes for journals, research papers, dissertations, books and more. Schools, colleges, universities of the UK, and worldwide use our services because we provide accurate services across all content genres.

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Publishing clients of the UK avail our abstract and indexing services. Our services are convenient because we work with all content types and formats. We develop abstracts and indexes for periodicals, journals, eBooks and more.

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Any new proposals, initiative or schemes needs an appropriate abstract and index. It helps clients to understand and locate information quickly. Also, professionally made abstracts and indexes help clients finalise their deals and partnerships easily.

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How it works?

We provide our abstracting and indexing services to clients worldwide. So, we follow a strict work process that enables us to deliver quality services every time.

First, we collect the client’s content and understand their requirements. Then, depending on the type of content and target audience, we choose a team of experts that would ideally suit the project. The team then executes the task, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we collect, understand, choose, execute, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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