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Key Issues

With advancements in technology, education is no more limited to classrooms and books. Students are always exploring newer learning ways, and higher education institutes are trying their best to make learning fun, interactive and standardized. There are many service providers, but not all are equipped with quality software or subject knowledge to develop the best methods of providing education. Video lectures have evolved as a useful model for delivering higher education.

However, not all video solutions are diverse, well-detailed, engaging, and authentic to the content. Acadecraft serves in the best way as required by our clients!

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Video creators and editors of Acadecraft create interactive subject-specific, personalised, and skill-development videos for diverse academic fields in the UK. They work alongside Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create exciting and engaging educational video content as a tutorial, lecture video, or presentation. Taking learning beyond the four walls of an educational institute, we strive to deliver an experience to the student that is unforgettable and highly enriched with information and innovation. Our team ensures that the most accurate and inclusive knowledge is imparted in unique and interactive ways. The teaching and the language used in the videos are directed according to the varied audience's specifications. Our videos are organized and structured curriculum wise and strictly in line with the university's education pattern or institute. They are a perfect aid to textbook education and can help anyone learn what they need at their convenience.

Types of Video Solution Services

We offer several types of video development services, which includes

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Micro videos

Acadecraft creates short instructional videos following the strict client guidelines. These are parts of longer videos, but each video is created and made available as a single video for a more precise explanation and easy access. They appeal well to today's fast-paced information consumers and can be handy when a student is looking for a short description or precise information. Our video creators design them in a step-by-step manner so that students can easily understand and follow the topic.

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Tutorials and Lessons

Our team at Acadecraft make tutorial videos that guide students through concepts and experiments in 2-10 minutes long videos. Different instructional methods may be used like direct instruction, animated guidance in charts or a virtual teacher, and sometimes also as questions and answers. Infographics, detailed charts, region-specific 'accent' voice orientation, and effective anchoring by SMEs help students grasp whatever is being taught effortlessly. Tutorials are usually made as supplementary material to the core subject material, which helps students during revisions. Our team makes high-quality tutorial videos with accurate information based on the client's course structure and teaching method.

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Presentation & Lecture Capture

Whether it is the simple recording of a lecture with just the audio or an advanced recording with PowerPoint point slides, a webcam, and a separate microphone, Acadecraft has expertise in creating these long and detailed videos that often span across the length of a regular class. The team of designers at Acadecraft uses the latest technology and real-time IT platform support to insert valuable inputs like glossaries, definitions, images, diagrams, and the like wherever needed if requested by the client.

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Animated Videos

At Acadecraft, we have VFX designers and animators who create engaging learning environments with high-quality 2D and 3D videos. The content in the videos is well-researched and in high definition. Professional industry-approved tactics and strategy is used to develop and record innovative animated videos that offer real-time and live platform learning solutions.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft helps create educational videos that are crisp, to-the-point, and goal-oriented. These are systematically organized so that enrolled students can access the videos anytime they need.

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft creates and designs video content for universities, university colleges, higher education institutes, further education institutes, and alternative providers.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we work to provide informative, exciting, and engaging video content. To ensure timely delivery, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then we identify the opportunity areas and design the template. Then we create the content, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy and quality.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, identify, design, create, review and deliver.

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