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We are a leading supplier of accurate and timely online fact-checking services for all our valued clients.
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Key Issues

Fake news and misinformation are common in today’s world of social media. With the ability to share, comment, and react to content, fake news spreads like fire in a short time. It is difficult for organisations to find a service provider to ensure the delivery of utterly reliable information across various topics and issues. Most agencies offer this service in a specific concept or field of study and are often limited by geographical boundaries, language, and time-zones. Due to the lack of sources and experience, most agencies cannot deliver their services efficiently.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is adept at delivering online fact-checking assistance with precision across various concept fields to eliminate false information and confusion. As a leading global service provider in the UK, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide information about politicals, academics, scientific research, medical advancements, and even lifestyle genres like food, entertainment, art, gadgets, and the like. Our main motive behind this service is to make real information available and accessible to all our clients. We check our information multiple times from different sources to ensure accuracy. Many of our clients are often misguided by misinformation, sensationalized statistics, marketing agendas, myths, viral videos, or posts.

Our online fact-checking services help clients get in touch with the real picture and stay clear of any targeted agendas. They are provided with pure facts and precise numbers, which allows them to gain the reliability and trust they deserve.

Benefits of Fact-Checking

  • Eliminate Obscurity
  • Increase Reliability
  • Build Actual Knowledge
  • Correct Misperceptions
  • Make Sound Decisions
  • Create impactful campaigns based on real data and statistics.
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Our Clients

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Educational Institutions

Our association with education is long and core to our mission as a company. We provide our services to educational institutions worldwide. Universities, university colleges, higher education institutes, further education institutes, and alternative providers involved in First-cycleprogrammes, Second-cycle programmes, and Third-cycle (PhD) Programmes rely on us for precise and timely delivery of online fact-checking services.

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Factual information is an integral part of any business. Corporates depend on various data for research and marketing and also measure their progress based on that. Our team of SMEs and fact-checkers are experienced in a wide range of finance, business, and marketing concepts. They deliver need-based and accurate content after extensive research and multiple revisions.

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Acadecraft has been delivering a wide range of services to various E-learning platforms since its inception and continues to do so. We provide world-class fact-checking services to the e-learning industry across all education fields, whether it is fundamentally academic like the sciences and humanities or mostly skill-based like arts, designing, computer, writing, and many more.

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How It Works

Acadecraft assures optimal quality and timely delivery of services through its strict and collaborative workflow.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then we identify the problem areas and execute the changes. Finally, our quality analysts review our work to ensure accuracy.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, identify, execute, review and deliver.

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