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Providing Curriculum-based Q&A Services To Improve Grading and Assessing Of Learners Across Multiple Levels

We are a leading eLearning company delivering interactive Q&A services to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Q&A solutions are an integral part of learning as it helps assess learners' progress, weaknesses, and strengths. So, clients from education industry lay special emphasis on the quality of Q&As. Some employ their in-house expertise for Q&A services, but that is not a cost-effective solution. Also, as most of them are already involved in the active teaching process, it becomes an extra burden. Hence, outsourcing Q&A services from experienced professionals is the best choice.

It is because these agencies have academic writers and SMEs across multiple subjects. However, not all service providers are equally good. Many lack the variety of expertise needed in terms of subjects and grades. On the other hand, others do not have experts who are proficient in multiple languages. So, their services are often limited. Moreover, not all experts have the technical expertise to deliver Q & As in interactive modes. Thus, finding Q&A services that provide holistic assessment solutions for various academic disciplines is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is one of the leading eLearning companies in UK. So, we have the best industry-standard SMEs and academic writers. They have in-depth knowledge and experience across all subjects and educational levels. Also, we have linguists experienced enough to deliver accurate and step-by-step solutionsin required language.

Moreover, we customise our Q&As to suit the client's regulation standards, curriculum requirements, and learning objectives. We use videos, graphics, pictures, flashcards and audio clips to make assessments engaging. They are used to create quizzes, games, assessments, and more. Hence, our clear, easy-to-understand and topic-specific Q&A services guarantee improved learner engagement, progress assessment and ROI. Most importantly, we are availbale round the clock to support our clients regardless of time zones.

Types Of Q&A Services

Years of experience in the eLearning industry enables Acadecraft to create a wide variety of Q & A services. So, we deliver content to clients across all academic disciplines and levels.

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Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)

We create MCQs in the form of gap-filling, error correction, pairings and true/false. Clients dealing with foundational and primary learning use these services. As the learners are young, we include interesting images, colourful graphics and other engaging elements.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider in UK
Short-Answer Questions

Acadecraft creates effective short-answer for various subjects and curriculums. Besides descriptive and straightforward Q & As, we also make picture-based cues. It helps assess the reasoning and decision-making capabilities of learners.

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Essay Questions

Essays are a great way to assess a learner's writing and explaining skills. So, we create quality essay questions that force learners to use their logic and critical thinking abilities. Clients involved with education in the higher key stages use this Q & As.

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Open Book Questions

We create Q & As for various open-book tests as well. Such questions assess a learner's ability to build an argument from the information in a book. So, we ensure that our Q & As help learners better plan and organise information within the given time limit.

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Constructed Response Questions (CRQ)

CRQs are used by clients who wish to analyse the problem-solving capabilities of their learners. So, we construct our Q & As in a way that challenges their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). They ask learners to draw comparisons, highlight differences, and more.

Q&A SERVICES provider in UK
Technology Enhanced Items (TEI)

It is exclusively for E-learning clients because we integrate them into a client's digital platform. They enhance learning modules' interactivity using features like drag & drop/ drop-down, classification, match list, order list, and token highlight features.

Our Clients

Q&A SERVICES provider in UK


Acadecraft creates Q & As for eLearning clients worldwide. We integrate illustrations and images in high resolution to help learners understand complex questions easily.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider


Acadecraft develops unique Q & As as per the curriculum and language requirements of the client. It helps instructors of the client institutes assess their learners better.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider in UK


Acadecraft designs personalised Q & As for various subjects and skills. Hence, publishers in the UK and worldwide publish our questions and solutions for multiple target audiences.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider company

How It Works

Acadecraft creates customised Q & A content in multiple languages for clients worldwide. Hence, we help clients reach a wider audience across all language barriers.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and document the areas of development. Then, we design a blueprint of the required question types. Then, we assemble a team of SMEs and academic writers who create the Q & As. Finally, our quality analysts review it for accuracy, accessibility and interactivity.

Hence, we understand, document, design, create and review before delivery.

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