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About Our Pre Press & Editorial Services

Creating content is essential but delivering it accurately is equally important. Most businesses emphasise developing content and neglect its presentation. So, they fail to attract audiences and appeal to global clients. Many consider appointing in-house professionals for pre-press & editorial services, but that is not cost-effective. Hence, they seek professional expertise.

Acadecraft provides various pre-press & editorial services to clients in the UK and worldwide. We have the capacity and expertise to handle large volumes of content across all information domains. So, clients rely on our pre-press & editorial services for various academic, technical, and other content needs. Also, we house the industry’s best SMEs, copyeditors, software experts, proofreaders, graphic designers and more. They create and deliver high-quality services round-the-clock services. Our pre-press & editorial services boost sales, increase customer conversion, learner engagement and ROI.

Moreover, we deliver services in both digital and print-ready formats. Our services guarantee compatibility and accessibility across all devices and software. Most importantly, we ensure complete confidentiality of client’s content at all times. Our pre-press & editorial services are available in multiple languages, 24/7 and worldwide.

Types Of Pre Press & Editorial Services

Acadecraft has widely experienced professionals across various service domains. They provide a multitude of pre-press & editorial services online. So, we efficiently cater to clients worldwide and 24/7.

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Our reputed typesetters handle large volumes of content in multiple languages and formats. They accurately typeset eBooks, books, reports, catalogues, encyclopedias, and more. Besides, they provide sophisticated layouts and structure based on the genre and target audience of the content. So, we cater to all client needs.

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Artwork & Design

Acadecraft’s graphic designers, artists, and illustrators help clients draft an idea into reality. They design in both printable and digital formats. Moreover, we design content from scratch, continue from what is previously done and consult in-house designers of our clients. We create modern designs in multiple languages.

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Abstracting & Indexing

Acadecraft has highly qualified academic writers, SMEs and book indexers. They work together to deliver compelling abstracts and responsive indexes. They handle all content genres and languages. So, we serve clients across all industry sectors. Our services are reliable because we deliver them after extensive research.

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HTML/XML Conversions

Acadecraft provides accurate HTML/XML conversions. Our skilled coders enable clients to create, store and deliver information in electronic format. We convert Text, PDF, Word, RTF, Excel, TIFF and JPEG content. Hence, clients use our conversions to improve their document management services and enhance information delivery.

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Full-Service Project Management

Our project managers create customised and effective strategies for project execution and delivery. They lay particular emphasis on business requirements, risks, limiting factors and stakeholder interests. We reduce risks and deliver consistent services to clients at every stage. Also, they use appropriate project management tools to track projects.

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Image Restoration Services

Acadecraft houses the best restoration artists. They work on all the different aspects of an image like colour, clarity, resolution and more. In addition to restoration, we also retouch and edit photos to make them more sharp and realistic. We remove stains, silvering, light leaks, flaked emulsions and scratches.

Industry Cover

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Schools, colleges, universities and eLearning platforms use our pre-press & editorial services for various types of academic content. So, we ensure to adhere to all curriculum requirements. Our services include eBooks, books, journals, manuals and more.

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Service Providers

Acadecraft delivers pre-press & editorial services to various service providers. These clients rely on our services because we work with all content formats and deliver on time. Moreover, we always adhere to their requirements and meet all standards.

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Various corporate industry clients rely on us to enhance their content. We deliver pre-press & editorial services in any format. So, clients can easily integrate them into their databases and share them. We handle high volumes of content across multiple genres.

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How It Works?

To ensure on-time delivery of high-quality pre-press & editorial services, we follow a productive workflow. Also, we work with clients worldwide and maintain complete confidentiality.

Initially, we connect with the client and collect their content. They may be in print or digital formats. Then, we understand their requirements, depending on which we design a blueprint. Based on the blueprint, our experts execute the project. Finally, our quality analysts review the work to ensure that it meets all the client needs. Then we deliver the content in the desired format. Hence, we connect, collect, understand, design, execute, review and deliver.

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