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Delivering Accurate and Impactful Academic Copyediting and Proofreading Services to Our Clients in the United Kingdom

We are a leading professional copyediting services provider in the UK, ensuring on-time delivery of best-in-class academic copyediting services.
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Key Issues

Academic content demands high quality and accuracy. Textbooks, coursebooks, assignments, manuals, and other educational material must be error-free to ensure reliability. Several organisations and institutions look for agencies that can guarantee professional copyediting services for all educational content types online and offline. However, finding experienced editors under a single roof who can precisely edit academic material for primary and secondary educational levels in multiple languages is rare. Professional editors and proofreaders must also provide constructive feedback to the writers and publishers to reduce errors' future frequency.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's highly experienced and proficient team of editors, subject matter experts (SMEs), and proofreaders deliver professional copyediting and proofreading services in the UK. We edit all types of academic content like assignments, test banks, student-teacher manuals, lesson plans, curriculums, books, and guides. Our services are tailor-made to accommodate every client requirement and aligned with the desired learning goals and pedagogy patterns. The expert editors at Acadecraft are mindful of every little detail and detect misinformation and downgraded facts. Apart from eliminating every language, grammatical and spelling error, our editors also provide constructive feedback and consultations to the clients. We revise the content multiple times before delivery to assure accuracy and reliability.

Types of Copy-Editing Services

Acadecraft provides high-quality academic copyediting services that suit the needs of clients across different educational sectors and levels. Our services include

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Substantive Editing

At Acadecraft, we have a team of substantive editors who analyse the academic content properly and offer accurate substantive editing services to our clients. We focus on the structure, language, style, and text presentation to effectively communicate the content's motive in our substantive editing services. Our SMEs edit for all primary and secondary level subjects like math, science, design, computers, art, and more. Our copy-editing team monitors the placement of images, graphics, diagrams, videos, and other content elements to assure the overall formation flow. We edit the content in captions, tables, charts, table of contents, internal headings, index, and labelled diagrams.

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Content Editing

Acadecraft provides multiple content editing services like substantive editing, macro editing, and heavy editing. We evaluate the overall formatting, style, and organisation of content in a document. To elevate the readability of learning content, we focus on optimising the visual design and comprehensibility. Our editors use language and references that perfectly align with the learners' pre-requisite knowledge and vocabulary level. They remain consistent with the writing style and deliver content in multiple languages and concept fields. We supply exact, precise, and reliable content to our clients across all time zones.

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We have a skilled team of proof-readers who analyse academic content for factual, grammatical, spelling, and language errors. We also assure that all the examples and references used in the document are context-based and culturally significant. Our expert proof-readers research similar content from other sources to confirm the authenticity and reliability of the referenced material in the text. We assure high-quality professional proofreading services to all our clients across all academic disciplines and educational levels.

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Semantic Analysis

Semantic analysis by Acadecraft focuses on syntactic structures, clause formats, sentence structures, phrases, and vocabulary. We have editors who are fluent in understanding and writing multiple languages. They are conscious of connotations, collocations, idioms, metaphors, phrases, prose, and simile. Our semantic analysts are familiar with the lexical pecking order, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms and present information in a simplified manner.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft offers high-quality copyediting services for various e-learning platforms. We edit learning modules, assessments, eBooks, audio-visual content, pdfs, presentations, and any other form of online educational or academic content.

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Educational institutes

Schools and colleges involved in primary, secondary, and further education rely on our professional proofreading and editing services across all academic disciplines.

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Acadecraft guarantees better readability to educational content for several leading publishing houses. We are trusted partners of various famous publishers in the UK for our quality editing services.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we work to deliver reliable and trusted copyediting services to all our clients in the given time.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and document the required efforts. We then scan the content and look for possible language, grammatical, and information errors. Our editors edit the content for better readability and accuracy. Then, our quality analysts review the edited content for any mistakes before delivery. Finally, we suggest ways of reducing future errors to our clients, if requested.

Hence, we understand, document, scan, edit, review and suggest in our six-step workflow.

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