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Designing Accurate and Meaningful Captions To Enhance Content Accessibility For All

We are an eLearning services company providing closed captioning services in multiple languages for all our valued clients.
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Key Issues

Closed captions enhance content accessibility for the specially-abled. It also helps those who are not very fluent in a particular language and tend to rely on its textual version for a better understanding. Moreover, users who are facing technical difficulties also benefit from closed captions.

Businesses look for efficient closed captioning services because well-written captions greatly enhance the reach, clarity and accessibility of content. However, sometimes caption writers fail to understand the language intricacies and deliver misinformation. Professional closed captioning service providers must capture dialogues and describe relevant audio cues as they happen. Writers should generate inclusive content and incorporate contextual information whenever needed.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading captioning service in the UK, Acadecraft provides quality captions for all academic and businesses content. Our writers are mindful of intricate linguistic details and the context of the content provided. They pay special attention to the choice of words while describing audio cues, translating and transcribing audio and video material. They write appropriate sentences of the perfect length and match the timing of the captions with dialogues perfectly. The writers, transcribers and video editors acknowledge the timing, tone, mood, ambience, punctuation and iteration of the actors or instructor. We communicate every message, dialogue and information to help industries break accessibility barriers and build trust and reliability with their target audience. We deliver closed captions for real-time as well as prerecorded videos.

Methods Of Closed Captioning

Acadecraft delivers inclusive, accessible and high-quality closed captions to clients across all industry sectors in the United Kingdom.

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Re-speakers at Acadcraft listen to video clips supplied by the client and ‘re-speak’ the dialogues into voice recognition software. We ensure accurate pronunciation and pauses and are mindful of all grammatical and formatting errors. The software transcribes the spoken words into the text seen on-screen and editors review the position of sentences and words. We deliver clear, meaningful, and accessible captions to clients on time.

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Stenographers of Acadecraft use special shorthand keyboards to type real-time dialogues. Their vast experience helps them work quickly under pressure. Using these specialised keyboards, the stenographers type entire syllables or words with a single keystroke. They are adept with all the different key combinations and do not miss any line positioning, character changes, scene changes and another essential element. They continue typing for hours by themselves.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides closed captioning services to all E-learning companies, educational institutes and training institutions in the UK that deliver interactive video content. We caption tutorials, assessments, lectures, short videos, and other academic inputs. Our writers are familiar with all academic jargons and incorporate their meanings into the captions if needed. Our services are available for all educational levels and academic disciplines.

Professional closed captioning service providers in UK


Acadecraft provides closed captioning services to the entertainment industry. Our writers use the latest software to caption all formats of entertainment. The team is fluent across different entertainment genres and design captions that perfectly denote the content's ambience. We caption advertisements, short films, documentaries, movies, songs, web series and sitcoms.

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Acadecraft delivers reputed and timely closed captioning services to businesses worldwide. We caption their training modules, advertisements, product demonstrations and any other marketing or industrial content. Our writers understand every technical term in the book and deliver accurate captions.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we ensure that clients across all industry sectors can avail of our timely and accurate closed captioning services at all times.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and collect their audio or video content. Then, we transcribe the content accurately along with the acoustics. Next, we create a time-coded script based on the transcription and translate the script, if required. Our editors then proofread the captions to ensure no mistyped words, literal translations, word errors, syntax errors, or punctuation errors. Then, we embed the captions into the videos and finally, our quality analysts review the captions and their placement.

Hence, we understand, collect, transcribe, create, proofread, embed, review and deliver in our eight-step workflow.

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