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The widespread growth and availability of the internet have widened the scope of education worldwide. Apart from the traditional classroom learning techniques, institutes are now reaching out to learners globally through eLearning and distance learning programmes.

Clients look for ways to transform the learning experience because they realise the various positives of eLearning. Through online learning solutions, they can educate learners beyond the four walls of their institution; teach complicated concepts through virtual labs and save money spent on physical amenities like space, machines, desks, boards, books and more. Students also benefit from learning various concepts and skills online that would not have been possible in class. 3D modelling, informative videos and simulations help them understand and retain concepts better.

Acadecraft helps clients in the UK and worldwide make this shift from traditional offline learning to effective online learning. Our services help clients at every stage of eLearning development through content, resources, platform services, technical support, and consultations. We offer customised learning solutions to clients across all academic disciplines and educational levels to ensure an inclusive and productive learning experience.

Types Of Learning Solutions

Acadecraft creates and delivers customised learning solutions for clients across all industry sectors in the UK and worldwide. We design various learning modules, incorporate them with one or more interactive tools, and ensure compliance with all the accessibility guidelines, quality standards, learning objectives, legal compliance, and language requirements.

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Custom eLearning

Acadecraft's team of experts provide accessible custom e-learning solutions to all business sectors. It develops engaging learning content and techniques for various skills and concepts. The solutions include multimedia content in text, audio, video, real-life scenarios and interactive games.

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Rapid eLearning

Acadecraft produces fast, affordable, skill-based and subject-specific rapid e-learning solutions. Our content focuses on reduced production cost, decreased development time, quick response to customer requirements, and greater control over updates and maintenance. We use simple plug-ins to transform PPT slides into an eLearning module or create courses from scratch.

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Mobile eLearning

Acadecraft provides professional, accurate and innovative M-learning solutions created by experienced developers. They design engaging, technologically advanced and affordable modules that guarantee increased productivity, enhanced personality and accessibility and scalable growth of all learners.

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eLearning Platform

Acadecraft's team of IT experts and SaaS-based professionals develop responsive eLearning platform services. We design customised management systems like LMS and CMS. Our platforms include attractive interfaces, virtual classrooms, tracking features, gamification, automated evaluation techniques and cloud content.

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AR & VR Learning

Acadecraft's team of experienced IT professionals delivers customised e-learning content using groundbreaking VR & AR technology. We are transforming educational content globally by providing new and immersive experiences through life-like scenarios, problems, and training solutions.

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Rapid Authoring

Acadecraft uses a range of useful authoring tools to create fast and interactive rapid E-learning solutions. The team employs easy to use rapid authoring tools that enable professionals to develop simple quizzes, engaging E-learning sessions, and learner-friendly interfaces. Our tools speed up the development process and incorporate all desired features easily.

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Blended Learning

Acadecraft excels in consulting and creating unique blended learning solutions for various concept fields. Our content designers use the latest technology to develop audio, visual and textual content. Our robust and multi-approach modules can be accessed on all devices, platforms and browsers from anywhere, anytime.

learning solutions and learning development in USA
Adaptive Learning

Acadecraft delivers unique adaptive learning solutions to clients across all industry sectors. Our SMEs, video editors, designers, writers, data analysts, UX/UI developers and quality analysts work together to craft interactive, adaptive learning courses using reliable AI algorithms and learning experience platforms.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we strive to produce high-quality eLearning solutions to clients across all industry sectors in the UK and worldwide. We provide learning content, platform services and consultancy services.

First, we collaborate with our clients and understand their requirements. Depending on the learning goals and target audience, we choose a team of experts and the service type before executing the project. Finally, our quality analysts review the solutions for accuracy of language, information and accessibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, choose, execute and review before delivering any eLearning solution.

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