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We are an experienced quality check service provider in the UK delivering optimal and standard quality check services.
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Key Issues

Quality check is the most critical aspect of content delivery. Standard quality checking involves detecting and removing language, grammar, punctuation, and information errors from online and offline publications. It also involves identifying plagiarism and establishing the originality of content using the right software tools.

Businesses look for quality content as it helps them generate trust and reliability among the target audience. However, most quality analysts fail to understand the different quality check standards and cannot assess the problem areas accurately. Quality checking requires quick and smart work but finding analysts who can handle large volumes of content and deliver on time is challenging. Many quality check service providers lack sharp thinking abilities and waste time trying to find risk areas rather than smartly evaluating the content based on context and target audience.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft provides accurate quality check services online for various content types. Our expert quality analysts are fluent in multiple languages, which allows them to serve clients worldwide. They possess in-depth subject-specific knowledge across different academic disciplines and work domains. Our QC consultants identify the risk areas and provide constructive feedback to writers and editors to deliver optimal content in all formats.

Along with rectifying grammatical, language, and punctuation errors, we also identify plagiarism and check factual information to assure accuracy. We analyse books, audiovisual content, documents, curriculums, and other academic content while adhering to the prescribed client guidelines. Our analysts work closely with assessment and content writers to provide QC solutions and re-check the quality of material developed at every stage.

Types of Quality Check Services

The various types of quality check services we provide follow the guidelines mandated by educational authorities

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Proofreading Services

Acadecraft offers professional proofreading services to our clients by detecting and eliminating grammatical, punctuation, and information errors. We analyse the content for accurate and context-based facts to ensure that the document is culturally acceptable and relatable to the target audience.They scan the content for plagiarism and use multiple sources and tools to confirm the referenced material's legitimacy to establish credibility.

Professional content quality check services provider
Online Fact-Checking

Acadecraft guarantees the latest and accurate factual information in all types of content. Skilled experts in our team locate the risk areas and deliver clear and to-the-point information. We consult reliable and trusted primary and secondary data sources to ensure the factual accuracy of the content.

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E-book Testing

Acadecraft provides professional eBook testing services to clients across all academic disciplines and concept fields. Our in-house team of skillful analysts, researchers, and QA auditors modify the content to make it accessible and user-friendly. Based on the many distinct quality parameters, we ensure that all the pages of the e-book hold accurate information that users across all devices and languages can enjoy.

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Rights and Permission

Our team of experts in Acadecraft handles all legal permissions related to textual and other information presentation forms. After extensive research, they suggest the most appropriate ways of adhering to quality standards while publishing educational content, including obtaining and administering consent, eliminating plagiarism.

Our Clients

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We guarantee accurate and reliable academic content across a wide range of concepts and study disciplines to all our eLearning clients. Our services cater to eBooks, PDFs, assignments, videos, and all other eLearning methods pf delivering information.

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft delivers high-quality content to schools and colleges worldwide. Our content adheres to all the mandatory quality assurance guidelines. We extend our services to books, videos, test banks, manuals, and other educational content across all study fields.

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Publishers who create educational content rely on our quality check services to ensure accurate delivery of information. We help them identify and rectify grammatical errors, language and formatting anomalies.

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How It Works

Acadecraft guarantees on-time delivery of quality check services to clients worldwide. We strive for enhanced validity, reliability, and accuracy of content across all academic disciplines.

We begin by first identifying the requirements of our clients and documenting the required efforts. Next, we assess the content and locate all the areas of development. Then, we execute the changes and organise the content. Finally, we review the changes made and suggest constructive feedback to the writers.

Hence, in the six simple steps of our workflow, we identify, document, assess, execute, review and suggest.

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