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Key Issues

Early education has four key learning stages: the foundation stage, Key Stage 1, and 2, which are primary education parts. In contrast, Key Stage 3 and 4 are parts of secondary education. All stages focus on different learning areas like social, personal, emotional development, language & communication, mathematical development, knowledge and understanding of the world; and physical development and creative development. As the learning goals differ, so make the assessment patterns.

Finding a team that can deliver effective assessment solutions for every learning stage while adhering to the learning goals unique to each is difficult. Such services do not just require Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) but depend on the time-coded effort of multiple experts like researchers, writers, designers, and more.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's team of SMEs, writers, editors, and designers produce curriculum-based assessments for all education levels and concept fields in the UK. They are familiar with the assessment pattern, learning goals, and core standards of education. They create personalized assessments that test the students' overall personal, social, emotional, logical, creative, and academic development. Depending on the client's test patterns and guidelines, we create unique assessment solutions for them to help learners think differently. Our quality analyst team review the content for accuracy of language and information before delivering it to clients worldwide within the stipulated time.

Quality Assurance

As a leading assessment development service in the UK, we assure that our quality analysts are experienced across various academic disciplines and work domains. They check each assessment solution or idea developed by an SME for error and plagiarism before delivery. Our review process is highly meticulous and effective. The QAs ensure that the assessment questions are-

  • unique and plagiarism-free
  • aligned with the client guidelines
  • meeting all the learning objectives, standards, framework, and metadata
  • topic-specific, relevant, accurate, and free from language errors.
  • valid, objective, and reliable
  • Practical and interesting
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Method of Assessment Development

We direct our methods of developing assessments to achieve the different learning goals of each level of education. To assess learners' overall development and growth, we design interactive assessments for all core subjects: English, Maths, and Science. We also create modules for other foundation subjects like History, Geography, Art & Design, Design & Technology, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Music, and Physical Education. Our assessment modules follow in-depth research, discussion, and quality checks based on the National Curriculum set out by the Education Reform Act of 1988 and Common Core Standards. Our questions meet a variety of other academic standards like:

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  • DOK level
  • Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)
  • The National Qualifications Framework for England and Northern Ireland
  • Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)
  • Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales (CQFW)
  • Bloom's taxonomy
  • Common Core Standards
  • NGSS assessment development
  • Global Scale of English (GSE)

Types of Assessment

Acadecraft creates and reviews tailor-made assessment solutions for a wide range of concept-fields and academic disciplines. To make learning more fruitful and engaging, we ensure our assessments are multi-faceted, innovative, and interactive. We deliver different assessment questions like:

Professional assessment development Service provider in UK
Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)

The MCQs are gap-filling, error correction, pairing, true/false, pictures, and more. These are extremely popular in the foundation years and the early vital stages, as students are not yet experts at writing long sentences and paragraphs. We develop the questions without giving away the answer in the question stem or distractions.

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Short-Answer Questions

Our short-answer questions include textual, pictorial, graphical, or tabulated information to make it more intriguing so that students can be more creative with their answers. We design all questions in line with the course structure and curriculum specifications.

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Essay Questions

Essays are more common for the higher key stages where we test students for their knowledge capacity and their style of writing and way of putting out information. We challenge their descriptive and understanding abilities.

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Performance Tasks

We develop questions to let students apply their high-order thinking skills by completing a task in actual life. They help assess students' practical skills and maintain their interest as they get to explore the world outside their classrooms.

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Open Book Tests

Our open-book tests assess a student's ability to build an argument using all the information in a book. Such questions or scenarios help test the understanding levels of a student across any topic. They learn to plan their essays better and manage their time accordingly by quoting only what is extremely important.

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Constructed Response Questions (CRQ)

CRQs analyze the problem-solving capabilities of a student and assess their inquiry and discovery skills. They challenge the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and students' critical analysis abilities by asking them to draw comparisons, bring out differences, and synthesize information to real-life scenarios.

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Technology Enhanced Items (TEI)

Acadecraft provides TEI to E-learning platforms to present them on the client's digital platform to enhance interactivity in the digital arena. With TEI, students can construct an answer instead of just selecting a response, which allows them to use their critical thinking abilities. TEIs include cloze with drag & drop/ drop-down, classification, match list, order list, and token highlight.

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Subject Integrated

In the higher learning stages, the curriculum introduces more subjects to the learners so; the assessments become more subject-specific. Our SMEs develop subject-specific assessment modules that assess the students' knowledge retention and application capacity.

Our Clients

As one of the best education assessment companies, we deliver high-quality assessment services to clients across various education fields who are directly or indirectly related to the industry. We provide round-the-clock services worldwide and assure complete learner satisfaction in all academic disciplines and levels of education.

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Acadecraft provides assessment services to E-learning platforms that provide education across a wide range of topics and disciplines. Our SMEs and designers create interactive, attractive, and efficient assessments that guarantee increased learner engagement and productivity. Our software experts are well-versed with all the latest technological advancements and develop user-friendly assessment modules, accessible to all from anywhere in the world and compatible with all devices.

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Community schools, Voluntary schools, Foundation Schools, and Independent schools rely on us to design assessments according to the school's curriculum-prescribed blueprint. Our assessments are subject-specific and assure maximum learner output. They keep learners interested and assess them for their overall development.

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We produce various question banks and test modules for publishers who supply academic help to students through their books and manuals. Our questions are quality checked and supported by expert feedback, which assures reliability and validity.

assessment development Service in UK

How It Works

At Acadecraft, we direct our workflow in a way that allows learners to find better concepts, in-depth knowledge, and exciting assessments.

First, we connect with our clients and understand their requirements, then identify the areas of development. Then, we document the required efforts and design the template/blueprint accordingly before developing relevant content based on it. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we understand, identify, document, design, develop and review.

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