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Providing Fast and Accurate Flash To HTML5 Conversion Services To Increase Compatibility And Accessibility Of eLearning Content Worldwide

We are an experienced eLearning service provider converting all Flash file to HTML5 files for our valued clients.
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Key Issues

Flash is infamous for being an easy target of hackers and draining battery life. iOS devices and most web browsers are not compatible with Flash Player any more. Businesses are now looking to convert their Flash file to HTML5 for better accessibility and compatibility. In-house conversion services lack experienced professionals and bear higher overhead costs. So, agencies that deliver Flash To HTML5 conversion services are becoming increasingly important. A professional service provider can convert a high volume of data in record time with experts with years of practical experience. Apart from just conversions, these agencies can also enhance the content by integrating graphics, interactive elements and superior instructional design.

However, finding an efficient conversion service that can handle a high volume of content and deliver across time zones at the best possible rates is challenging.

How can Acadecraft help?

As a leading eLearning service provider in the UK, Acadecraft houses an experienced team of professionals who provide accurate Flash to HTML5 conversions to clients across all industry sectors. We handle large volumes of information and convert quickly within the deadline. We incorporate various interactive and responsive elements into the converted modules to enhance accessibility and user engagement if desired by the client. We use HTML5 based authoring tools compatible across all mobile devices and platforms. They have easy to use in-built templates that do not require any programming knowledge, which helps considerably bring down the cost of e-learning modules. Our talented SMEs and editors assist the converters in delivering services across all academic fields and work domains. We serve our clients worldwide with round-the-clock

Types of Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services

Acadecraft offers this basic conversion level to record old Flash content in the MP4 format without any interactive elements. This service is mostly used for files that are unusable and only help learners listen and understand concepts.

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In this type of conversion service, we republish content developed using an outdated authoring tool in its latest version to deliver HTML5 output. Experts at Acadecraft provide this service to make existing eLearning content compatible across all devices.

flash to HTML5 conversion services

Acadecraft delivers the rebuilding conversion service to clients who wish to integrate interactive multi-media elements into their modules to enhance user engagement. We retain any useful media from the Flash file but convert them using the latest authoring tools to assure access and compatibility across all devices, platforms and browsers.

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Acadecraft completely redesigns the old Flash eLearning module with interactive media, responsive design and updated content. We develop the entire course from scratch as the old content is not relevant anymore. Our experts design the content in line with the learning goals and pedagogy patterns prescribed by the client.

Our Clients

Convert Flash TO HTML5


Acadecraft delivers Flash to HTML5 conversion services to all eLearning platforms in the UK and worldwide. We offer all four types of conversion services to our clients, depending on their content needs and learning objectives. Our experts are available 24*7 and deliver quick results after multiple revisions.

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Schools, colleges, universities and training institutes in the UK use our conversion services to make their outdated learning modules accessible to all. Our modules help institutes that provide distance Learning facilities as they can be accessed using any device and web browser across the globe.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services


We serve clients in the corporate industry as well. To bring out new and updated content every year, one needs to know the latest eLearning trends and designs. Along with converting old learning content into modern modules, we also redesign training packages using the latest authoring tools to guarantee a wider audience reach and greater employee engagement.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 service provider in UK

How It Works

At Acadecraft, we strive to deliver the latest and most compatible learning content to all our clients. We use the latest tools and software to convert Flash files into HTML5 content for greater accessibility and engagement.

First, we collaborate with the client and collect the Flash content. Depending on the client’s needs, we choose the type of conversion service and convert the files. Our video editors, SMEs, and writers work together to create an engaging HTML5 mobile-ready learning course. Finally, our quality analysts review the converted content for errors.

Hence, we collaborate, collect, choose, convert, create, review and deliver in our seven-step workflow.

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