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Extended Reality Solutions for Immersive Consumer Experience

Acadecraft delivers the best virtual and augmented reality solutions for all business apps, including Educational apps, Medical and Engineering Simulation Apps, Gaming Industry, and many more.
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Key Issues

Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps are growing popular day by day because they can create an immersive extended reality world. But, there are numerous issues when it comes to the effective development of these extended reality services. Businesses often search for experienced Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services. But, there are very few professionals who have a firm grip in this field as the AR & VR Reality technologies are relatively new.

Also, most AR & VR service-providing companies do not follow any fixed models and standards to develop these services. Hence, they fail to deliver quality virtual and augmented reality products. Also, the content of the AR and VR products must be designed very carefully, as inappropriate content has often resulted in multiple life-risking incidents in the past. Hence, the product developers must produce ethical and appropriate products.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has seasoned AR & VR experts who have experience of more than three years in developing the best quality extended reality products. We have devised an effective AR and VR model within our organisation, and all our products follow the same. Hence, we strictly avoid any inappropriate content that is risky or unethical.

Acadecraft offers authentic AR & VR products for multiple industries. We develop Business Apps, Educational apps, technical simulation and training apps for many different industries, including medical, engineering, aeronautics, and gaming apps. Our products are strictly according to the requirements of our clients.

Moreover, our products are repeatedly checked by experienced quality analysts to ensure that they are authentic, appropriate, and error-free. Also, our services are incredibly cost-effective and delivered within strict deadlines. In addition, we offer full-time support to our clients even after the delivery of the products.

Types Of Video Solutions

ar vr services
Types of AR & VR Services

Acadecraft offers customised Virtual and Augmented Reality services to meet all the expectations of our clients. Some of our services are discussed below.

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Business App Development

Businesses often use our AR/VR products to give their consumers a virtual experience of their products. Our experts develop the business apps after thorough consultation with our clients. They show all the product features accurately. We are open to doing any modifications post-delivery if our clients require the same.

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Educational App Development

Virtual and Augmented Reality products are used to make the educational content much more exciting and engaging. Our experts develop comprehensive, understandable and error-free educational products using AR/VR technology. It helps to enhance the learning experience of the client’s learners.

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Technical Simulation Apps

As a significant amount of technical education and training has moved online, clients often require expert-curated technical simulation apps to deliver practical knowledge digitally. Our SMEs and Technical Experts collaborate to provide the best virtual reality experience for technical experiments and processes.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Games

Acadecraft delivers high-quality immersive AR/VR games for its clients. Our games are glitch-free, ethical, authentic, and risk-free. We use HD and 3D animations for these games. We strictly follow the instructions and ideas given by our clients. We offer full-time support for our products.

Our Clients

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Education Industry

Acadecraft offers AR/VR products, virtual reality apps on educational topics, gamification services, and many different types of animated products to the education industry. Senior subject matter experts check the accuracy of the contents delivered in these apps.

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Technical Training Institutions

Acadecraft offers experimental simulation apps for medical, engineering, aeronautic, and many other technical fields. Our expert-curated simulation software can demonstrate practical experiments and technical processes accurately through these products.

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Business Companies

Acadecraft develops appropriate product demonstrations using AR/VR technology for businesses. We also develop interactive assistance windows, chatbots, and other business products using animation and artificial intelligence technologies.

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How It Works

First, our virtual reality experts connect with our clients to understand their product details and requirements. Once we understand the needs, our experts deliver the appropriate products. Once the products are ready, our quality analysts check the products and give appropriate suggestions. Our experts then rework the products and incorporate the suggestions. Our quality analysts recheck the products and deliver them to our clients. Our clients can request modifications even after delivery.

Hence, we discuss, design, develop, review, modify, test, and deliver the best Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services to our clients in the UK.

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