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About Our Higher Education Services

Higher education in the UK is a reputed and diverse industry. Due to the internet and widespread digital literacy, the sector reached audiences beyond borders. It has increased the demand for multilingual and accessible online learning services.

As most service providers are restricted to specific academic fields and deliver content in limited languages, higher education clients are always looking for reliable learning solutions.

Acadecraft is a reputed eLearning service provider that delivers accurate and scalable learning modules across all academic disciplines and educational levels. We offer customised learning content development services for all higher education clients that ensure improved learner engagement and output.

Types of Higher Education Services

Acadecraft delivers custom-made solutions to all higher education clients in the UK and worldwide. We ensure that all our services to the client guidelines, quality standards, learning objectives, legal compliances and pedagogy patterns.

NGSS & STEM higher education assessment development services

Acadecraft's assessment solutions assure an overall evaluation of student's analytical, cognitive and psychological abilities. We create collaborative assessments that promote group discussion and teamwork. Our passionate & skilled subject matter experts (SMEs) design assessments for every subject and academic discipline according to the curriculum needs, language requirements and pre-requisite knowledge of the target audience.

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Content Development

SMEs of Acadecraft have in-depth knowledge and experience in various educational fields. They create engaging, informative and accurate subject-specific higher education content in multiple languages. Our content includes audio-visual lessons, AR & VR simulations, gamification and other exciting elements that guarantee easy understanding and retention of concepts.

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Copy Editing

Acadecraft has the industry's best editors, qualified to edit academic documents of various types and formats. From high volume books to technical journal articles, they edit content across multiple formats. The essential editing services like removing grammatical, punctuation, and language errors also assure a smooth flow of information, organised content structure, and vocabulary.

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Acadecraft's typesetters handle large volumes of information and deliver quick services. They ensure suitable font size, colour, typeface, font styles, headers, margins, footers, accurate placement of images, tables, graphs and other visual properties of the content. Our team guarantees enhanced engagement and a smoother reading experience for learners across all academic backgrounds.

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Curriculum Development

Acadecraft designs effective course-specific curriculums for interactive learning in all higher education fields. We formulate the curriculums depending on the learning goals, course duration, language and resources available. Apart from lesson plans and course objectives, our curriculums also contain assessment ideas, projects, discussions and teaching techniques for innovative learning.

Item Banking Assessment Development Services

Acadecraft has skilled proofreaders who deliver quality service with fast turnarounds. They are adept at using all the latest software tools to detect and remove mistakes from any content genre. Our team has a long and diverse industry experience that allows them to proofread academic material in multiple languages and writing styles. They proofread in a way that assures accuracy without tweaking the individuality of the writer.

Item Banking Assessment Development Services
Quality Check

Quality Analysts of Acadecraft provide professional quality check services to higher education clients in the UK and worldwide. They quickly eliminate irrelevant, inaccurate or outdated information, unreadable examples, improper language use and writing errors from the content. Our legal experts assure that the content adheres to all legal specifications and academic compliances.

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Video Solutions

Acadecraft's video solutions are interactive, engaging and visually appealing to learning across all academic domains. Depending on the concept's complexity, we may use animations, captions, virtual instructors and other innovative techniques to simplify the information. Our video designers use the latest technology and real-time IT platform support to deliver video solutions to clients across all time zones.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we work continuously to deliver high-quality and immersive eLearning solutions to higher education clients in the UK and worldwide. We provide optimal learning solutions to eLearning platforms, colleges and universities for all subjects.

We begin by collaborating with our clients and understanding their requirements. Next, we identify the work and service type areas before choosing a team to execute the project. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy of language, information and compliances.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, identify, choose, execute and review before delivering any higher education service.

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