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We are a professional company delivering Mobile E-learning solutions to all our valued partners.
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Key Issues

With smartphones penetrating 77.21 per cent of the UK's population, people are now using mobile devices for more than just messaging. Data by Learning House revealed that 87 per cent of students used mobile devices to search for new online programs in 2020. E-learning has proved that age does not bind learning as people across all ages refer to E-learning solutions for skill development and training. Although the numbers are much higher in the age group of 16 to 44, with over 80 per cent people within 55 to 64 years of age having access to smartphones now, the future of M-learning looks promising across all ages.

Mobile E-learning or M-learning is the best choice for many in terms of ease of access and a must for every business and education field. However, most designers fail to understand and deliver microlearning services to meet the requirements of the clients.

About Our M-learning Service

Acadecraft provides professional, accurate and innovative M-learning solutions to clients across all sectors. Our team of developers, designers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are skilled at creating engaging, technologically advanced and affordable content. Our modules guarantee increased productivity, enhanced personality and observable growth of all learners in their respective fields. Knowledge enhancement and personality development of employees facilitate the organization's growth and development, which is our ultimate goal. Our modules are mostly based on microlearning, which is an important tool of M-learning as it helps build interactivity and engagement of learners and create easy to understand modules that can be accessed across Android and iOS handsets, at all times. We create videos, games, animations, how-to guides, quizzes, assessments and much more. We create short, crisp and easy to learn M-learning solutions that can be accessed according to the learner convenience from anywhere anytime. We use the latest technology to design optimum mobile-friendly e-learning content for all our clients and assure on-time delivery of services. However, most developers fail to create impactful learning and training modules that assure knowledge enhancement and growth. Microlearning

Types Of M-learning Services

Acadecraft develops effective and quick M-learning solutions using the latest technology for dispersed learners worldwide who might find it difficult to go to training centres and study halls for various reasons. We work towards developing an ecosystem of learning that allows learners to use mobile technology for any academic or skill-related learning they want to achieve.

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If you are a reader, then Acadecraft has the best eBook mobile applications for you. We produce mobile applications for eBooks, magazines, files, reports and newspapers. Our team has developed numerous effective E-book solutions for a variety of clients.

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In the virtual world, interactions are key to assess progress and feedback, so we create interactive tools to fetch useful information that can be collected on a real-time basis. Our team has developed applications that provide easy learning modules and allow quick and responsive feedback processes.

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Educational games

Acadecraft's software developers and UX/UI designers can create engaging, informative and fun-filled educational games that help learners understand complex ideas and deploy their skills instantly.

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Simulation learning

The team develops these life-like simulation learning applications at acadecraft after extensive research. They are designed to facilitate the smooth flow of information between instructors and learners so that students and employees can understand mechanical, technical, and other practical skills with ease.

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M-Learning applications

Acadecraft produces user-friendly M-learning applications for teachers, students, educational institutions and training institutes worldwide. Our team is equipped with the latest technical know-how and have mastered incorporating information and knowledge into fun-filled learning platforms for effortless understanding. We also develop efficient e-commerce applications for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile operating systems. They are designed according to the type, target and extent of businesses mentioned by the client.

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VILT Services

Our virtual instructor-led training (VILT) modules are directed to provide an impactful and engaging learning experience. We create visually superior VILT decks and supporting materials with our talented software developers, SMEs and UX/UI designers.

Our Clients

Professional mobile learning solutions provider


Acadecraft provides the best M-learning content to companies and platforms that specialize in delivering E-learning facilities. Our content is accurate, extensively researched, engaging and delivered on time. It is designed in line with the preferences requested by the client.

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Acadecraft creates effective M-learning modules and applications for the crisp, easy and effective delivery of training solutions desired by corporates to ensure enhanced employee performance and increased Return of Investment (ROI).

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft creates M-learning content, applications and portals for educational institutes associated with distance, open or blended learning. We adhere to the current teaching approach, followed by the institute and design our services after recognizing the areas of development and methods required to create better engagement for learners.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, we guarantee an elevated M-learning experience that rewards learners with the best and easiest course modules that can be accessed from anywhere in the world across a wide range of concept fields.

We first explore the mode of instruction, technical aspects and current M-learning approach of the client. Then, we identify the learning objectives and determine the platform of content delivery. Later we firm up a strategy and design high-quality mobile-friendly content based on it. Next, we boost user engagement through the addition of visually appealing elements and social e-learning strategies. Finally, we review and edit for quality control.

Hence, our seven-step workflow requires us to explore, identify, determine, strategize, design, boost, and review.

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