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We are a custom e-learning content development company striving for the growth and performance enhancement of our valued clients.
custom e learning solutions

Key Issues

E-learning solutions are the key to the growth of any business today. In this era of dynamic technological advancements and unlimited information, e-learning proves to be a flexible and affordable mode of training and working. It increases the efficiency of a business by saving time and connecting to thousands in an instant. It also allows companies to incorporate a wide range of data and lets everyone grasp the essential skills more quickly.

However, finding a service provider that delivers optimal e-learning solutions is difficult these days. Most e-learning development services providing companies offer similar solutions to all their clients that hinder growth and results in the waste of resources. Many companies lack the talent and expertise required to develop personalised and modern solutions and deliver low-quality service. To develop functional and implementable e-learning solutions, companies need to know about their clients' business and audience.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's team of experts provide accessible custom e-learning services to all business sectors. They develop engaging solutions and techniques to inculcate behavioural changes and promote knowledge expansion among employees and trainees for various skills and concepts. We create innovative, interactive and bespoke e-learning content for training, simulations and assessments that can be accessed on-demand. Our diverse solutions include multimedia content in the form of text, audio, video, real-life scenarios, interactive games, or a combination of other things. Our content is produced in alignment with the client's values, vision, work ethic, and brand identity. We guarantee a higher Return of Investments (ROI) as our solutions and assessments ensure enhanced productivity of our client’s organisation and its employees'.

Types Of Custom E-Learning Services

Acadecraft delivers custom E-Learning development services to enhance learner productivity while adhering to the prescribed pedagogy patterns, work ethic and vision defined by the client organisation.

custom elearning content development services
E-Learning Content

Our team at Acadecraft is adept at creating unique, interactive, and bespoke E-learning content for all sorts of E-learning solutions like text, audio, video, simulation, gaming, or a combination of multiple methods. We work in alignment with the training needs and business goals of our clients.

custom elearning services
Simulation and Game-based Learning

Experienced software developers and educationalists of Acadecraft help students understand complex theories using Simulation and Game-based learning. It is helpful for clients who are unable to make their employees learn by doing. Our Simulation-based training creates engaging and realistic scenarios that help our clients' employees get a hold of the real situation and act accordingly.

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Mobile Learning

Our team develops creative learning experiences, considering the learner's requirements and perceptions to transform their learning ways. Mobile learning is a solution crafted in alignment with the client's convenience and accessibility preferences. We design our services to allow instant sharing of content, and feedback with the educational institution and make the learning easy, engaging and affordable.

custom elearning development services
Blended learning

Blending traditional methods of learning with e-learning is a new and popular learning method. It incorporates teacher-led discussions and activities with images, videos, and digital tasks. Acadecraft offers subject-specific and interesting learning modules that help students understand and consume more information quickly. We assure a wide range of e-learning methods designed according to our clients' varying pedagogy.

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Web-Based Training solutions (WBT)

Our Web-based training (WBT) solutions include streaming audio or video content, animations, webinars, forums and instant messaging. It also contains Instructor-Led Training (ILT), where an instructor delivers training as a lecture in the classroom format, which is screen-casted or shown through a video-conference over the internet. Our team has skilled programmers, video designers, editors and instructors who are well-versed in the latest technology and subject knowledge.

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Consulting and Strategy

Acadecraft offers custom e-learning development consulting services to organisations worldwide that help clients develop training programmes that guarantee positive learning outcomes. Our experts combine their knowledge and experience and deliver need-based, engaging learning solutions that would best fit the organisation.

Our Clients

custom e learning development services

E-Learning Organisations

The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) team, editors, and video designers at Acadecraft assure subject-specific delivery of innovative e-learning solutions that help users stay interested and understand better.

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Educational Institutes

High schools, universities, colleges and other education institutes rely on us to deliver accurate and engaging E-learning content. We provide optimal solutions across various fields and education levels, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications.

custom e learning solutions

Corporate Organisations

Acadecraft design and develop numerous e-learning solutions such as employee training and skill development. We design product catalogues, training documents, brochures, industry workings, promotional videos, marketing campaigns and also design customised management programs. Being one of the most reputed custom e-learning services in the industry, we use the latest technology and fulfil every client's requirement on time.

custom e-learning services

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our workflow is underpinned by a collaborative approach to e-learning solution design and development. Over the years, our processes have refined and are now inclusive of all the critical elements required to deliver effective E-learning solutions on time, round the clock. The result helps clients gain in-depth knowledge and assistance in their overall development.

We first understand the basic requirements of our clients, followed by collecting and organising the necessary content. We then create a storyboard and script the ideas. Next, we develop and design the content and finally review it for quality check.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we understand, collect and organise, storyboard ideas, script, design, and assess.

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