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Acadecraft is a leading content development company offering curriculum development services to enhance learning.
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Key Issues

Education is a dynamic field where constant developments are necessary to ensure optimal teaching and learning conditions, and a perfect curriculum can help achieve that. Designing an inclusive and innovative curriculum that takes the all-round development of a student's logical, philosophical, and creative thinking into account is problematic. Most institutes build their education on curriculums that present students as passive learners who later ace exams by rote learning and lecture notes. This kind of education does not promote critical thinking or the desire to research and know more.

A good curriculum should be thought-provoking, research-driven, and multi-disciplinary. Still, most institutes fail to create a curriculum that is knowledge intrinsic and subject-specific while being interconnected and divergent at the same time. It is tough to find standard and professional curriculum developers online who are aware of the pedagogy across various concept fields and are also conscious of a student's extensive growth.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Our team of curriculum designers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and lesson planners create intelligent higher education curriculum frameworks worldwide. Acadecraft is an experienced curriculum development company in the UK that has been professionally designing curriculums across various concept fields for years. We adhere to the higher education institute's guidelines and plan an inclusive and effective curriculum framework that ensures students' overall growth. We consider academic excellence, knowledge expansion, critical thinking, vigor for research, humane development, inquiry-based learning, more in-depth understanding, and student wellbeing.

We are the best curriculum development company out there, equipped with the expertise to design unique and interactive curriculums from scratch. We design them both on a yearly and semester basis, as requested by the client, and deliver results on time with precision. Our team is familiar with the various pedagogical approaches practised and continuously strives to promote good education to build more vital bridges between research, education, professional practice, and society.

Types Of Curriculum Development Services

We offer the following types of curriculum development services

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Subject-centered Curriculum Designs

Our team at Acadecraft has expertise in designing subject-specific curriculums that make learning exciting and interactive despite being highly academic. Our curriculum elaborates every syllabus topic while also allowing students to research and inquire about the unknown and expand their knowledge in the concerned subject. Our designs integrate instructor guides and training modules that cover all the topics mentioned in the course structure. Apart from the textbook information, our curriculum is loaded with innovative videos, interactive infographics, attractive graphics, and many more.

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Learner-Centred Curriculum Design Services

As the new-age curriculum design that gives the ease of learning and knowledge expansion the highest priority, the team at Acadecraft helps learners build research skills that prove to be vital for both academic study and professional life in the future. Our curriculum allows students to revisit, choose, develop, create and remark analytically on their work. The courses are designed in line with university requirements and course level. We provide precisely crafted syllabus and lesson plans to the teachers and regulate the curriculum according to the client's requirements. Instructional diagrams that help learners choose assignments and activities are an integral part of our curriculum.

Our Clients

Professional curriculum development services provider in UK


Acadecraft delivers professional and high-quality curriculum development services to E-learning platforms worldwide. Our designs are aligned with the latest trends in higher education and maintain the country's optimum standards.

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft designs curriculums for universities, university colleges, higher education institutes, further education institutes, and alternative providers involved in First-cycleprogrammes, Second-cycle programmes, or Third-cycle (PhD) Programmes. Our curriculums are designed in alignment with strict adherence to the guidelines and learning objectives prescribed by the client institute.

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We design useful and accurate curricula for higher education content publishers so that they can create books, journals, magazines, supplementary, guides, question banks, and the like, in line with the accepted course structure and lesson plan. Our SMEs and lesson planners have the expertise to design curricula across a wide range of disciplines.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our SMEs, Quality Analysts, writers, and designers design effective curriculums for all academic disciplines.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their needs. Then, we develop a rationale according to the course structure and lesson plan prescribed by the client. Following this, we design teaching strategies, and finally, our quality analysts review the curriculum for quality assurance.

Hence in our six-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, develop, design, review, and deliver.

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