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We are an eLearning company providing preparation content for TSA to valued clients.
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Key Issues

High scores in the TSA grants admission to a variety of courses in prestigious universities of the UK. It is not a highly complicated test, but the competition is intense because of an increasing number of applicants. So, academic clients worldwide look for effective test prep solutions to guide their learners. But all services are not of premium quality.

Clients face various issues if they partner with inexperienced services. The most common disadvantage is the lack of variety. Only a few agencies have the manual and technical expertise required to deliver different types of test prep. Some lack the experience to analyse what works best for learners and end up providing monotonous content. Then others have all the talent but do not have a systematic approach that allows timely delivery. Outdated and delayed test prep is worthless. So, before partnering with a service, clients must ensure that it will not create any of these issues. Also, a professional service provider must have linguists to translate test prep into native languages.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading eLearning company in the UK, we house the industry’s best academic writers. Together with the research analysts and SMEs, they create distinguished test prep content for clients worldwide. Also, we have technical experts and designers who integrate various interactive elements into the modules. They include graphics, animation, VILT, whiteboards, flashcards, videos and much more. Besides, all our online test prep content is compatible across all devices and can be accessed by the specially-abled. Our experts customise every project to suit the needs of the clients. Based on the target audience, they use different languages, formats and vocabulary for learning materials. We deliver to clients worldwide because we have linguists fluent in multiple languages.

Most importantly, our test prep solutions adhere to the syllabus and question pattern. We prepare them after extensive research, so they guarantee enhanced results. Our customer help services are available 24/7 to address all concerns and issues. As a result, we guarantee on-time delivery, reliability and high-quality services.

Types Of Test Prep Services For TSA

Owing to the variety and skill of the workforce in Acadecraft, we provide a wide range of test prep solutions. So, academic clients in the UK and the world over rely on our solutions. All our content is available in both digital and print-ready formats.

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Reasoning Tests

We design various reasoning tests for clients that they provide their learners for practice. As we base it on the TSA syllabus, it includes spatial, numerical, logical and quantitative reasoning. It enhances the critical thinking skills of learners.

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Argumentative tests

These tests contain various assertive and argumentative questions. Clients use them to enhance the problem solving and understanding abilities of the learners. Also, we use appropriate vocabulary and interactive elements.

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Mock tests

TSA contains MCQs and essay writing questions. We create accurate and time-coded mock tests based on this format. So, clients use them to familiarise their learners with the exam pattern and enhance their time management skills.

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Online Tutorials

Interactive tutorials for TSA test prep are always available at Acadecraft. We have tutors across a variety of native languages, so clients worldwide can benefit from their services. Also, they have various certified academic qualifications.

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Question Banks

SMEs and academic writers develop unique, standardised and structured question banks for TSA. Experts validate all our questions before delivering them to clients. Moreover, we provide instant feedback ensuring faster learning and easy understanding.

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Writing tests

Many courses require learners to qualify for the writing paper of TSA. So, clients use our essay writing modules to help their learners practise and develop writing abilities. Past questions and important events guide our topic selection.

Our Clients

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eLearning platforms worldwide use our digital test prep solutions. They use it to assist their remote learners through interactive and responsive test prep. Besides, our solutions guarantee high accessibility and compatibility.

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Colleges and further education schools in the UK rely on our test prep services for higher qualification rates. They use our preparation modules because certified academic writers and SMEs prepare them.

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Various publishing clients use our test prep content to curate solution manuals, workbooks, supplementary materials and more. They prefer our services because we deliver them in both digital and printable formats.

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How It Works?

A collaborative workflow guides the team at Acadecraft to deliver quality results for every project. We guarantee complete client satisfaction through customised services.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we design a blueprint with all the different methods to follow. After this, we form a team of specialists who then develop the test prep solutions. Software experts integrate the content into online platforms and LMSs, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy and interactivity.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, develop, integrate and review before delivery.

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