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Amazing Animated and Non-Animated Media Services to meet all the needs of the Clients

Acadecraft is a leading media services provider. We offer multiple media services including Animated Videos, Whiteboard Animation, Explainer Videos, Motion Graphics, Typography Videos, and Image Processing services for the businesses in the UK.

All About the Media Services of Acadecraft

With the rise in the importance of social media and digital marketing, demand for engaging media services is also increasing among the businesses. The companies often require various types of media services like animated videos, motion graphics, and typography services, for their social media posts, and other digital marketing strategies. But, the videos and graphics must be accurate and as per the objectives of the clients. Otherwise, they may decrease the company’s reputation, for various reasons.

So, the businesses often search for professional media services providers. However, many media service providers do not communicate clearly with the clients, and hence fail to deliver accurate services. Also, many media services require technical expertise. But, the service providing companies often lack experienced experts for such services. They also fail to deliver many services on time.

At Acadecraft, we have certified media service experts who are well experienced in their respective fields. Also, we have technical experts who professionally deliver the technical media services strictly on time. We ensure that all our services perfectly align with the objectives of our clients. For this purpose, we communicate clearly with our clients to understand their demands and requirements.

Acadecraft delivers all types of media services to the business companies worldwide. We have expertise in both animated and non-animated media services. Hence, we provide 2D and 3D videos, animated videos, explainer videos, and whiteboard animated videos. We also offer image procession services, typography services, and PPT designing services. Our videos are accurate, glitch-free, and according to our client’s motives. We strictly avoid any type of repetitive or copyrighted elements in our media products. Our clients can customise the design, layout, and overall look of all our products.

Moreover, we always deliver our products as per the timelines given by our clients. Our clients can request modifications even after delivery of the services.

Types of Media Services

Acadecraft offers everything from simple image processing, to the complex 3D animation services for our clients. A brief overview of our media services is given below.

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2D/3D Videos

Acadecraft offers Animated and Non-Animated 2D and 3D video services to businesses in the UK. We offer all types of 2D and 3D videos including promotional videos, illustration videos, and social media videos. The content of these videos is written by experienced script-writers. Our clients can also suggest us the themes and scripts for the videos.

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Animated Videos

Acadecraft has an experienced team of certified animators. We offer 2D and 3D animation services to our clients. We develop animated educational videos, promotional videos, brand awareness videos, and explainer videos. Our animated videos are repeatedly checked, and hence are glitch-free and effective. Our services are cost-effective and business-friendly.

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Explainer Video

We develop short and crisp explainer videos for all types of business needs. However, our clients can request for longer explainer videos as well. Acadecraft delivers both animated and live-action explainer videos to its clients. We offer hundred percent original and authentic videos with freshly curated content and customised content.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are very popular for online learning videos, training and conferences. Acadecraft develops accurate and effective whiteboard animation videos under the guidance of senior subject matter experts. After developing the videos, our quality analysts double-check the accuracy of the information delivered.

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Animation based PPTs are very effective in making engaging presentations. Acadecraft perfectly blends the information to be delivered with accurately designed animations. These error-free animated PPTs are helpful in delivering more information within a shorter duration. Acadecraft delivers the products within a very short deadline.

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PPT Presenter Based

Presenter based ppts are often used by businesses during seminars and conferences. Acadecraft has expert PPT designers who design very interesting business ppts for our clients. All the images and graphics used in the ppts are custom-curated for our clients. We develop the ppts within a very short notice. Our services are totally error-free.

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Typography Video

Acadecraft delivers customised and fresh typography videos to the businesses in the UK. We deliver different types of typography services to be used in motion graphics, logos, and animated videos. Our typography experts do not follow any fixed layout. Hence, our videos are never repetitive in nature. Moreover, our clients can suggest the layout as per their needs.

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Image Processing

Acadecraft has expertise in multiple image processing techniques, including Photo Enhancement, Photo Retouching, Image Colourisation, Photo Restoration, and Resizing. We process analogue images, digital images, binary images, and images with 16-bit colour format. We enhance the image quality without disturbing the essential elements of the photo.

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Motion Graphics

Acadecraft offers affordable 2D and 3D motion graphics for businesses. We develop Social Media Motion Graphics, Sales Collaterals, Statistical Motion Graphics, Educational Motion Graphics, and Festive Greetings. Our motion graphics are customised to include essential brand elements of the client organisations. Our clients can request for changes, if required.

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AR & VR Services

Acadecraft has certified animation and technical experts who design exciting Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality services. We develop educational apps, business products, and gaming products, among others. Our experts discuss the project in detail with our clients. Hence, our AR and VR services show the product descriptions, and essential contents accurately.

Our Clients

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E-learning Industry

Acadecraft offers whiteboard videos, typography videos, animated ppts, and many other media services to the eLearning industry. The content of the videos is prepared by subject matter experts as per the prescribed curriculum.

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Business Companies

Acadecraft delivers professional explainer videos, product description videos, sales collaterals, and other business media requirements to the business companies. Our products include original and error-free customised contents.

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Media Houses

Acadecraft provides error-free typography videos, animated videos, motion graphics, and many other services to the media houses. We provide cost-effective services on a regular basis. Our services are delivered strictly within the deadlines.

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How It Works

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to understand their objectives and requirements. After knowing our client’s needs, our experts first design a primary model of the product. The models are then shown to our clients for approval. Once the clients approve the primary design, our experts start developing the actual products. When the products are ready, the quality analysts check the accuracy of the products. If we are satisfied with the quality of the product, we deliver it to our clients. Our clients can request for changes if they are not satisfied with any aspect of the product. We offer full-time support and long-term services to our clients.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, approve, curate, test, and deliver!

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