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Structured And Accessible Explainer Video Services For Higher Learner Engagement And Productivity

We are an eLearning company creating educational explainer videos for clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Learner today want videos that can quickly explain all the essential information about any topic. So, explainer videos have become increasingly popular. These one-two minute long short videos provide loads of information in an easily understandable manner.

However, choosing an eLearning service that can create high-quality explainer videos is crucial. Not all explainer videos answer all the fundamental questions about a concept. On the other hand, some explain the problem but do not provide effective solutions. Also, many agencies lack the language expertise needed to deliver worldwide. So, finding an experienced explainer video creator for multiple topics and formats is challenging. An ideal explainer video must increase learner engagement and output. Viewers must retain the content instantly and get motivated to learn more. But most companies fail to develop impactful videos due to a lack of technological know-how and experience. They are also unable to serve clients 24/7.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's talented video creators design solution-oriented explainer videos for various topics and concept fields. So, clients rely on our videos to explain new and complicated concepts easily. We customise every project to accommodate the client's learning objectives and curriculum needs. Our experts lay particular emphasis on enhancing the accessibility of the vides. So, they integrate captions, subtitles, voice-overs, dubbing and audio descriptions at affordable rates.

Moreover, years of experience in the industry has enabled us to handle large volumes of content. We convert them into fun learning modules in record time. Consequently, our high-quality explainer videos increase engagement, retention and understanding for clients worldwide.

Types Of Video Lecture Services

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Whiteboard Animation

Acadecraft integrates whiteboard animation services into explainer videos. As a result, the content becomes more interactive. We base our videos on professionally written scripts that break down complicated concepts. So, learners understand and retain quicker.

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Acadecraft produces engaging and informative live-action videos for clients. These have scripted narratives, case studies, and live tutorials. The videos are simple, to-the-point and include all the information in real-time. Hence, they maintain user engagement throughout.

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Stop Motion

Acadecraft uses the stop motion technique in explainer videos to deliver information attractively and uniquely. It facilitates quick retention because it captures the learner's imagination and keeps them hooked throughout. We create short how-to videos and glossaries using this technique.

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Acadecraft creates explainer videos with virtual instructors. These instructors explain concepts in a concise and easy manner. Our designers also include attractive graphics because it elevates viewers' engagement and makes the videos attractive in general.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft creates interactive explainer videos for eLearning clients worldwide. We integrate graphics, images, animations and other interactive tools to allow easy understanding. Besides, we design explainer videos for vocational skills and topics as well.

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Acadecraft designs explainer videos as per the syllabus and curriculum requirements. It helps learners to understand and solve homework problems quickly. Hence, schools, colleges and universities rely on our explainer videos for effective knowledge delivery.

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Acadecraft designs innovative explainer videos for eLearning publishers in the UK and worldwide. Our academic writers and SMEs assist in creating engaging videos as per clients' target audiences. So, we deliver across all subjects, languages and educational levels.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft produces informative explainer videos for clients across the education sector. Also, our videos meet all the learning goals and pedagogy patterns of the client institute or company.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and document the areas of work. Then, we create a script for the video, and our team then creates the video. Our quality analysts finally review the explainer videos for accuracy of information and accessibility.

Hence, we understand, document, script, develop and review before delivery.

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