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We develop unique and authentic educational content for clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Writing content for academic purposes is challenging, as the information needs to be accurate, diverse, and specific. It should also engage the learners and assure increased knowledge and growth. It needs to suit different standards, learning objectives, pedagogy, and curriculum framework of various institutes and clients. Every level of education demands a unique type of expertise, sophistication, and presentation of content. One must be familiar with the pre-requisite knowledge, literary skills, and vocabulary of the learners.

Finding a professional team of experts who can deliver interactive and precise content on time is essential for every organisation or institute involved in imparting knowledge.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working with our highly qualified and experienced content writers, graphic designers, developers, editors, and proofreaders. We deliver the best-in-class personalized educational content for different disciplines and education levels in the UK. They cater to the needs of Primary, Secondary, and Further education institutes. We develop the content following the pedagogy, learning objectives, and course outlines prescribed by the client. We create interactive content development services that ensure easy understanding, information assimilation, and enhanced learner engagement. We have expertise in delivering required course materials, documents, educational papers, scientific papers, and other content solutions in the given time, regardless of timezones.

Quality Assurance

Quality Analysts (QA) at Acadecraft assess every piece of content before sending it out for delivery. We follow a comprehensive QA process to ensure accurate, error-free content services to our esteemed clients. Our meticulous and conclusive quality-check process is a result of their vast experience in the industry. The QAs ensure that the content is-

  • unique and free of plagiarism
  • adhering to the client guidelines
  • satisfying the learning objectives, standards, and any other framework
  • relevant and accurate
  • error-free
  • in the correct format
  • supported by appropriate graphics and other visual representations
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Types Of Content Development Services

As a leading content development service in the UK, Acadecraft creates and edits tailor-made content solutions for various concept-fields, academic disciplines, and education levels. We strictly follow the curriculum framework prescribed by the clients and develop various types of content, like:

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Textbook Content

Acadecraft provides efficient textbook content, which is in line with client requirements. The content is suitable for printed books and E-books. Our team is familiar with all the mandatory inclusions of a textbook and continually looks for better ideas. As a leading educational content development service provider, we guarantee unique learning outcomes.

Professional content development services provider in UK
Solution manuals

Acadecraft designs solution manuals that help students learn concepts and solve questions quickly. Our manuals contain correct and approved answers to all typical textbook problems. Our SMEs deliver step-wise solutions to the most complex issues in an illustrative, clear, and interpretive manner, strengthening the concept of knowledge and facilitating easy understanding.

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Question Banks

Acadecraft brings out new and useful content for question banks across various subjects and education levels, based on their requirements. Our question banks are subjected to expert feedback and multiple revisions to assure reliability and validity. Statistical measures help validate our question banks for extra reliability.

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Acadecraft has experienced curriculum designers who create accurate educational content for curriculum with the various education styles, learning objectives, and assessment patterns for multiple education levels. Our team is mindful of the pre-requisite knowledge and vocabulary used by learners in the prior levels so that the curriculum assures progressive and inclusive growth.

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Lesson Plan

At Acadecraft, we create compelling content for lesson plans by our talented, qualified, and subject-specific content writers. They intelligently organise the lesson content and plan the delivery of all critical information excitingly. Our lessons planners guarantee an enhanced learning experience for learners by integrating engaging activities and exercises that make the concepts more relatable.

content development services in UK
Practice Papers

Practice papers are popular among students because they help them prepare for the exams by giving them an exam-like experience. Acadecraft produces legal practice questions that allow students to gain useful insights and productively direct their efforts. Students can rely on our questions as they are prepared after extensive research by our knowledgeable SMEs. We develop practice papers for all levels of education and academic disciplines.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides academic content to E-learning platforms across a wide range of topics and disciplines. Our SMEs and designers create interactive and engaging content guarantee increased learner engagement and productivity.

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Community schools, Voluntary schools, Foundation Schools, and Independent schools rely on us for the content of curriculums, lesson plans, books, textbooks, solution manuals, and more.

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We produce various question banks, test modules, picture books, and more for publishers who supply academic content to students. Experts review our content for reliability and are crisp and attractive as illustrations, graphics, and images supplement it.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our priority is to deliver premium content development services to our clients from the education industry. Our team is dedicated to serving our clients with accurate content requirements. We follow a strict process flow to adhere to our commitment.

We first collaborate with our clients to gather all the required information for project execution. Further, we document the efforts needed and design the template/blueprint for the project to share with our client. Then, we develop relevant content. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we understand, identify, document, design, develop and review.

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