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We are a leading e-learning platform service provider delivering exceptional services to all our valued partners.
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Key Issues

E-learning has become an affordable and easy mode of delivering knowledge and skills for a variety of businesses. Today, educational institutes, corporates, industries and many more are associated with E-learning and are looking for services that can help them deliver E-learning facilities smoothly and effectively. An interactive E-learning platform is the most basic yet important step towards engaging and well-researched content.

However, most agencies lack IT experts who can develop SaaS-based systems like the Learning Management System (LMS) and Content Management System (CMS) to impart knowledge and training. Many platforms fail to deliver collaborative information systematically, which results in loss of time and money. An experienced e-learning solution provider that can produce interactive learning platforms integrated with training modules, tracking and evaluation techniques with optimized cloud services is the need of the hour.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's team of experts develop attractive, accessible and easy to use E-learning platform services for clients across all domains. The platforms we design are equipped with learner management systems, virtual classrooms, tracking features, automated evaluation techniques and cloud storage facilities. In our platforms, the instructor can publish schedules, upload assignments, and maintain libraries where they can assign books and documents for the students to read. Our E-learning platforms provide an attractive interface which includes different sections from where learners can access content, training modules, tests, and assessment results to enhance performance and track their progress. Acadecraft provides the latest technology-enabled E-learning platform services customized according to the learners' needs and growth pattern.

Types Of Platform Services

Acadecraft provides the latest technology-enabled E-learning platform services customized according to the learners' needs and growth pattern.
Some of our E-learning platform services include

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Tracking and reporting

Our platforms keep track of learners' progress and generate automated reports consisting of extensive information about each learner's performance that would otherwise have cost hours of effort to the instructor.

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Acadecraft provides learning management systems to businesses. The cloud-hosted system tools are equipped with affordable and enhanced security features, newer access, and quick-to-deploy solutions. Having all the cloud content under a collaborative work system allows learners to stay updated with all the latest information without having to stop the teaching cycle. Instructors can create, update and publish content easily. Both instructors and learners can connect to the course anywhere using their device of choice without requiring any special facilities.

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Acadecraft's E-learning platforms are equipped with global and integrated solutions for learning, designed while keeping the client's vision and expected growth in mind. Our team has experience across various fields and concepts, enabling them to create learning content and services across a range of topics, curriculum pattern and learning methods.

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Content migration

Acadecraft delivers content migration solutions to clients who need expert assistance in migrating data stored on a web content management system (CMS), digital asset management (DAM), document management system (DMS) or flat HTML based system to new systems.

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Learning Management Systems

Acadecraft develops effective Learning Management System (LMS) for administrating, documenting, tracking, reporting, and delivering educational courses, training, or development programs. Our LMS is designed to recognize training and learning gaps of the client organization by utilizing analytical data.

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Virtual Classroom

Acadecraft's virtual classrooms offer communicative interfaces to teachers and students. It has features for recording student attendance and evaluations. We provide quality and effective learning in various education and training fields to digitize to increase learner satisfaction and productivity.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft delivers e-learning platform services to various E-learning companies with rich content and is looking for a high-quality interactive platform to deliver their content. We assure you to abide by the learning objectives and quality standards of our client at all times.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, university colleges, higher education institutes and further education institutes rely on Acadecraft for their E-learning services. We provide optimal platform solutions across various fields and levels of education, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications.

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Acadecraft delivers platform services to various business domains and offers consultations to enhance learner engagement and make employer-employee interactions fun and productive. We deliver timely content based-on e-learning software platforms recommended by the client.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to create engaging management systems for training modules for learners. Our platforms help learners gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in their overall development.

We first, understand the basic requirements of the client, followed by organizing the necessary content. We then determine the management system to be used and develop the system. Then we incorporate the prepared content and finally review and edit it for quality assurance.

Hence, our six-step workflow involves understanding, organizing, determining, developing, incorporating, and reviewing.

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