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We subtitle content while preserving the accurate meaning and nuances of dialogues for all our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Multilingual subtitling and captioning are critical elements for any industry that wants to grow beyond borders. The advancement of technology has enabled people speaking different languages and dialects to enjoy and assimilate a wide range of content. The language barrier is no more a limiting factor for passing information and exchanging knowledge because accurate subtitling services can bridge that gap efficiently in record time.

However, choosing the right agency to entrust a subtitling project can be a difficult decision. An efficient subtitling service communicates accurate, synchronised, and timely content to clients across various sectors. It must have experts who are familiar with the latest technology and regulations that help maintain quality standards. Instead of depending on auto-generated subtitles, the team must have local language experts proficient in both the source and target language. The services should guarantee an inclusive experience to the viewers while preserving its real meaning and motive.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's team of language experts and video editors deliver quality subtitling services and solutions to businesses across several sectors in the UK. We have developed a subtitling and captioning process that guarantees the highest accuracy, reliability, and quality assured content due to the years of experience. We approach each client from an individual angle, ensuring that our service is tailor-made to suit their requirements specifically. We also pay special attention to small details like the length of the text, timing, punctuation, general emotionality, iteration, tone, and more to assure the fluidity of viewers' content and engagement. We guarantee enhanced communication that delivers every information, dialogue, and motive with clarity and accuracy.

Types Of Subtitling Services

As a profession subtitling service provider in the UK, we deliver optimal subtitling services to our clients. Our services are designed to connect the viewers to the content at a much deeper level and enjoy it with ease.

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Acadecraft delivers intralingual subtitling services by providing a complete transcription of the video soundtrack in the same language as the original soundtrack. Such services are directed at consumers who have a hearing disability, are hard-of-hearing, or are second language learners. Our experts design precise and accurate intralingual subtitles and captions that help learners and viewers to experience the content comprehensively and connect with it easily.

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Acadecraft provides interlingual subtitling services by translating the original content into the language desired by the client. Our language professionals are proficient with both the source and target language, which allows them to create accurate and impactful subtitles. Our team is exceptionally mindful of the tone, emotions, flow, and motive of the content to ensure precise translations easily understood by the viewers speaking the target language. Our subtitles are perfectly aligned with the dialogues and soundtrack. The viewers enjoy our content so much that they forget that they are watching a foreign language video.

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Closed Captioning

Acadecraft provides low-cost, fast turnaround captioning services for online, broadcast, and VoD content. We provide transcripts for the spoken content in the video. We include descriptions of non-speech elements or complicated terms used in the video, which may be difficult to understand for ordinary people. We subtitle for movies, talk shows, education programs, sitcoms, and more in the language desired.

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Acadecraft delivers top quality advice by experienced language and subtitling experts to clients across various domains and services. They are guided on the technological know-how, type of service, and language requirements that the client organisation needs to subtitle their content effectively.

Our Clients

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft delivers accurate academic subtitling services for different subjects, courses, and education levels following the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications. We subtitle lecture videos, tutorials, video prospectus, promotional videos, and a lot more.

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Acadecraft delivers the best subtitling services to the entertainment industry. We subtitle for films, sitcoms, web series, music videos, podcasts, and any form of entertainment product out there. Our experts are fluent in multiple languages and have in-depth cultural and historical knowledge of the place where the language is spoken, which allows them to integrate relatable idioms and examples whenever necessary. This helps in connecting with the audience on a much deeper level and builds affinity towards the content.

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Acadecraft subtitles numerous training modules, skill-development videos, product demos, promotional content, and other virtual content for the corporate sector. Our team is well-versed with all technical and official terms used in such content and offers effective translation services to explain and promote the company and its features to the native audience.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that learners and viewers connect better to the content and understand the concepts better.

At first, we understand the requirements of our clients and collect the content source. We then transcribe the content based on the source and create a time-coded script from the transcript and translate the script into the language desired while including native references wherever needed. Editors proofread the subtitles to eliminate mistranslations, literal translations, punctuation errors, and the like. Then, we embed the subtitles in the videos, and finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for accuracy.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we understand, collect, transcribe, create, translate, proofread, embed, and revise.

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