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Creating Unique, Need-Based Rapid E-Learning Solutions For Diverse Clients

We are a company providing reliable and effective rapid E-learning solutions for our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Organizations want to create E-learning opportunities without bearing the high cost of labour in instructional designers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), art designers, programmers and many more. They would like to rely on experts who quickly create E-Learning content and deliver in short, quick, concise modules that assure improved sales, reduced training costs, heightened compliance and increased workplace productivity.

Rapid E-learning is the perfect solution for these requirements. These courses are developed in less than three weeks with the help of rapid authoring tools by only one person. Modules are usually an hour long and include simple assessments, feedback and tracking functions. Rapid E-learning tools help create engaging content without any programming knowledge with pre-made templates, themes, and animations. From simple PowerPoint plug-ins to full-featured authoring tools, creators have a lot to choose from, depending on the client's objectives, timeline and budget.

What Can Acadecraft Do?

Acadecraft produces fast, affordable, customized, skill-based and subject-specific rapid e-learning solutions to diverse clients. Our content focuses on reduced production cost, decreased development time, rapid response to client requirements, and greater control over updates and maintenance. The team is equipped with all the latest technology required to quickly and efficiently develop training and learning modules in line with the client's learning outcomes and business goals. Our solutions are interactive and help learners grasp concepts faster. We create for deadline-based projects and use interactive and engaging elements like intuitive graphical user interface, customizable actions and variables. Customizable actions prioritize account learner responses to pop-up windows, navigation, playing audio and video, feedback, showing and hiding objects and a lot more. Depending on the schedule, we may use a simple PowerPoint plug-in to transform slides into an eLearning module or use tools that help us quickly create courses from scratch. As an experienced rapid E-learning solutions provider, we offer a wide range of consultancy services to help clients create useful eLearning content like online video demos and tutorials with attractive backgrounds, characters and images.

Types Of Rapid E-Learning Services

If your projects demand high SME-based content, are bound by deadlines, have a short shelf life and are tight on a budget, Acadecraft is here with the best rapid E-learning solutions for you. Our goal is to develop effective training and learning modules that are self-explanatory, informative and easy to understand. Some of our services include

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Our team has designers who arrange and organize content in the form of text, illustrations or images required for effective E-learning solutions delivery in animation, motion graphic, short video or any interactive media sequence.

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Resource curating

Acadecraft has experienced SMEs who assemble, select, edit, categorize, and present relevant, high-quality information to meet client needs across diverse concept fields. The content produced is unique, and quality checked.

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Years of experience in the E-learning field has enabled Acadecraft to offer training and advice to clients who require help to produce their courses. Our consultation services include several support services at all stages of e-learning development.

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Rapid authoring

Acadecraft is adept at using all the latest tools and technologies required to provide interactive, easy to understand and engaging content across various topics and skills. We design simple quizzes, e-learning training sessions, interactive games. Our tools are easy to use and do not need any prior coding knowledge and multimedia skills.

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The translation is one of our most sought after services. Our language analysts effectively translate texts into several languages without compromising its essence, motive, information, quality and context.

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File conversion & interface development

Acadecraft provides the latest methods of file conversions and sophisticated interface development solutions in rapid e-learning services. Our interfaces use a shorter loading time and move data across platforms swiftly. We update our interfaces regularly, striving to make them more user-friendly, time-saving, and cost-effective.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft designs effective, inclusive and interesting E-learning content for organizations that provide online training, distance education and open learning opportunities to learners worldwide. Our modules ensure quick and easy learning, along with higher user-engagement.

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft offers rapid E-learning services to universities, university colleges, higher education institutes, further education institutes, and alternative providers involved in First-cycle programmes, Second-cycle programmes and Third-cycle (PhD) Programmes. We create course materials from scratch while adhering to the client institute's teaching pattern and curriculum design. Some choose to give us course materials that we then convert into e-learning modules with our expert team's help and others choose to use our resources to develop their rapid e-learning modules.

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Acadecraft provides quick and easy E-learning solutions for training and inductions programmes across various corporate fields. Our solutions help employees stay updated with new products, policy changes, system upgrades or anything important and dynamic. When it comes to developing dynamic marketing programmes supported by latest trends and data, we have the best resources at Acadecraft. Our team effectively fulfil the requirements of marketing clients by curating interactive and attractive design solutions.

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How it works

At Acadecraft, our workflow is dedicated to creating and delivering impactful and high-quality rapid E-learning solutions to learners across various fields of skill and education. Our modules are user-friendly, affordable, time-saving and easy-to-understand.

Before starting any project, we note the time frame, pre-existing content and the format in which it is available. After understanding our clients' basic requirements, we decide on the best-suited authoring tool it requires. We then gather and organize the necessary content into a blueprint and develop the module based on it in an interactive format. Finally, our quality analysts review and edit it before delivering.

Hence, in our five-step workflow, we observe, understand, decide, organize, develop and assess,

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