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Professional content development and learning services for further education

As an eLearning company, Acadecraft delivers further education solutions to clients in the UK and worldwide.
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Key Issues

Further Education is a key transition phase for learners in the UK. So, academic clients strive to give the best possible services to their learners. But in-house resources are not always enough, so they often seek professional services. eLearning companies play a vital role in assisting the production and delivery of further education services.

However, all companies are not equally qualified. Many of them lack Subject Matter Experts for the various subjects and skills required. On the other hand, some others have SMEs but do not have academic writers, tutors and technical expertise. Hence, they are unable to deliver services on time. Also, most agencies deliver further education services in the English language only. It limits their service delivery capabilities and competency. Therefore, clients must ensure that the company they partner with must not create any of these issues.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is an established eLearning company in the UK. So, we house the industry’s best Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), academic writers and technical support. Together they deliver optimal further education solutions to clients worldwide. An extensive hiring process has enabled us to develop solutions for all academic fields. We have video makers and graphic designers who integrate various interactive elements into our solutions. In addition, we always adhere to the client’s curriculum requirements, learning goals and pedagogy practices. Depending on the vocabulary levels and prerequisite knowledge of the target audience, we customise our modules. Besides, we provide responsive hosting services, platform designs, simulations and virtual labs for enhanced learning experiences.

Moreover, we have expert linguists who effectively translate all our services into any desired language. Our years of experience aids us in the delivery of solutions on time. Also, we have a competent customer service team that is available 24/7. So, we guarantee an increase in learner engagement, ROI and sales. Most importantly, we have the expertise to handle large volumes of content across all subjects and skills.

Types of Further Education Solutions

We have a wide variety of experts across multiple academic fields and services. So, we deliver a range of further education solutions.

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Content Creation

We create effective learning modules for further education subjects. So, we create content for reading, writing, arts, math, languages, technology and more. We deliver in any language and format desired by the client.

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Curriculum Design

Some further education clients require curriculum designs. So, we develop interactive curriculums for all subjects taught in the client’s institute. We always adhere to the learning goals and pedagogy patterns.

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Assessments are a key part of any education. Besides, further education assessments are unique as they review more than just academic knowledge. So, we ensure that our assessments test the learners’ practical skills and application abilities.

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Skill Development

Further education in the UK includes a lot of courses that require skill development. Vocational, technical, management, arts and design courses require practical experience. So, we accordingly create various skill development tools.

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Localisation Services

Acadecraft’s localisation services help boost learner engagement and accessibility. So, our linguists offer effective translations and captions at all times. They are native speakers who handle text, audio and video content with equal finesse.

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Various educational clients in the UK and worldwide rely on our further education consultations. So, we deliver round-the-clock assistance across a range of services. In-house experts benefit from our experience of working on various learning projects.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides further education solutions to eLearning platforms worldwide. We deliver eLEarning modules, platform development and hosting services. So, clients can host online lectures, webinars, PowerPoint presentations and more.

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Further Education colleges in the UK rely on our services for effective learning delivery. It is because we produce high-quality content in multiple languages. Our solutions fulfil all the learning objectives and curriculum needs of the client institutes.

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Academic publishers use our further education content development and localisation solutions. They prefer our services because we handle large volumes of content in record time. In addition to the usual services, we also copyedit and typeset existing content.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we strive to deliver optimal services on time. So, we follow a proven work process that guarantees high-quality results.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, depending on their learning objectives and target audience, we design a blueprint of the services. Then our team executes the project, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, execute and review before delivery.

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