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Providing Accurate Medical Artwork To Our Clients

Acadecraft is a leading editorial services provider that offers accurate and detailed technical medical art services at an affordable rate.
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Key Issues

Medical Artworks are often very technical and require special skills. The companies often search for experienced medical art services providers for this purpose. But, many technical medical art services providers lack specialist medical art experts. Hence, their experts do not have in-depth medical knowledge. That is why they often miss many crucial details in their drawing. Also, the medical art experts may not have a good hold on 2D and 3D animation. Hence, they often fail to deliver artworks that require a bit of animation. They also produce ineffective medical graphics.

The medical artwork providing companies must understand the entire concept of the project and develop the products as per the requirements. Also, the service providers often do not respond to the modification requests. So, professional service providers must offer full-time services to the clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has certified technical situational medical artists. Our artists have deep medical knowledge, and also they have a stronghold on 2D and 3D animation software. They design accurate situational medical artworks in both 2D and 3D modes. We first listen to and understand the requirements of our clients and then begin the project. It ensures that our products exactly match the needs of the clients.

We produce 2D animated medical art, 3D animated medical art, medical graphics, motion graphics, and technical medical illustrations. After we complete the product, our quality analysts analyse its accuracy. Most of our quality analysts are medical experts and hence can quickly identify any defects in the artworks. If any kind of defect is found, our experts rework the project. Thus, we guarantee that all our products are accurate and error-free.

Moreover, we always ensure timely delivery of the artworks. After delivery, our clients can always request changes if they are not satisfied with the quality of our products. We always respond to their requests and provide 24x7 services.

Types of Technical Situational Medical Art Services

Companies use digital and animated artworks to depict various medical procedures accurately. Different types of technical situational medical art services offered by Acadecraft are discussed below.

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2D Animated Medical Art

Acadecraft has certified 2D animators who have a long experience in providing medical art services. The artworks depict the medical situations using very vibrant and stunning visuals. Organisations often use them to illustrate still medical arts.

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3D Animated Medical Art

3D Medical Animation is often used to depict complex medical procedures in great detail. The animated visuals are used to show the entire medical processes, like surgeries. Our products are developed strictly as per the instructions of our clients.

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Medical Graphic Designing

Professional medical experts design medical Graphics. After designing the graphics, our medical experts give the primary artwork to our graphics experts. They then develop the medical graphics and deliver them to our clients within deadlines.

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Medical Motion Graphics

Medical Motion Graphics are developed to show concise animated medical processes. They are also often used as brand logos in the medical industry. Our motion graphics experts work in collaboration with our medical experts to develop error-free medical motion graphics.

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Surgical Illustrations

The surgical illustrations are one of the most complicated technical situational medical artworks that can be developed in still mode and as animated motion pictures. Our medical experts check the entire illustration repeatedly to ensure that all the information is accurately delivered.

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Medical Device Illustrations

The function of the medical devices can be illustrated using 2D and 3D animation videos. The medical instrument development companies often use these videos for digital illustration of their products. The videos contain authentic information about the products.

Our Clients


Healthcare Centres

The healthcare centres require illustration videos, motion graphics, and other medical artworks. Acadecraft offers expert-curated medical art within the deadlines. Also, we provide long-term service commitments to the clients.

Healthcare & Pharma

Medical Institutions

Acadecraft offers surgical illustration videos, procedural artworks, and medical graphics for various purposes. The surgical videos designed by our certified medical experts can be used for educational purposes by our clients.

Software & Technology Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

We deliver custom-curated device illustration videos and different types of motion graphics to pharmaceutical companies. The companies use our services for promotional purposes and internal training purposes.

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How it works?

At first, we try to understand which type of service would suit our clients the most. For this, we first connect with our clients and discuss the project in detail. Once we understand their requirements, we first decide the type of artwork required and the team delivering it. Then the experts of the allotted team collaborate with our medical experts to design a primary model of the project. Our medical experts study the preliminary models. Once the models are approved, our medical artists start working on the product accordingly. Once the products are ready, our medical experts again check the accuracy and the quality of the products. If we are satisfied with the quality of the products, we deliver them to our clients.

Hence, we connect, understand, collaborate, design, develop, check, and deliver!

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