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Acadecraft delivers error-free audiobooks at an affordable price to its clients. Experienced elocution specialists develop our audiobooks in multiple languages.
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Key Issues

Audiobooks are gaining popularity with every passing day. So, the publishers and businesses often convert their printed books into audiobooks to enhance their consumer base. But, transforming the entire book into audio files is not easy and prone to errors. Moreover, the storytellers need to read the books using appropriate vocal and emotional variations. So, the audiobook service providing companies must have experienced storytellers. Inexperienced elocutors often fail to deliver engaging audio files.

Also, the businesses often require translating the books first into other languages and then converting them into audiobooks. But many audiobook developing companies do not offer transcription and translation services. So, the clients have to translate the books themselves or through other sources. It causes inconveniences for the clients. Also, the companies usually do not do audio-editing if the clients require any modification after the product delivery.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has certified elocutors who have experience of more than five years. Our storytellers mix the perfect amount of voice modulation and emotion into the audio to enhance the meaning of the texts. In addition, our quality analysts listen to the entire audio file to note any discrepancies and suggest the modifications required.

Acadecraft has experienced audio editors who conduct all the required modifications before and after the delivery of the products. In addition, we are a reputed transcription and translation company with world-class translators. So, in addition to developing original audiobooks, we also translate the books into multiple languages and build their audible versions. Hence, our services are not limited to a particular set of languages.

Acadecraft offers audiobook development services in multiple formats, including MP3, MP4, WMA, and AAC audio. Our services are cost-effective, error-free, business-friendly, with timely delivery.

Types of Audiobook Services

We develop both full-length and edited audiobooks. Some of our audiobook services are described below.

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Unabridged Audio Books

We convert the entire book into a single audio file without editing anything. A single group of elocutors carry out the whole conversation, so the audiobooks appear continuous and engaging. We deliver audiobook services in multiple languages to businesses worldwide.

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Abridged Audio Books

Our text editors first edit the original text, make them precise, and divide them into chapters. As instructed by our clients, we deliver all the chapters in a single file or multiple files. We ensure that the flow of the literature remains intact in this process.

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MP3 Audio Books

Clients use MP3 Audiobooks for online publishing. We convert both unabridged and abridged versions of the books into MP3 audio files. Our clients can customise the length, the number of chapters, and other aspects of the audiobooks at their convenience.

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MP4 Audio Books

Sometimes, the businesses require audiobooks which can later be merged into animated stories. Acadecraft delivers highly effective MP4 audiobooks for such purposes. Our audiobooks are affordable and easily editable as per the client’s requirements.

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Windows Media Audio Books

The WMA audiobooks are helpful in the digital publication. Acadecraft has specialist experts who can produce, edit, and publish Windows Media Audio Books for our clients. We even convert these audiobooks into MP3 for further use by our clients.

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Audiobooks using Advanced Audio Coding

Clients usually use the AAC format audiobooks to publish the products online and in smartphone applications. We deliver accurate AAC format audiobooks on a timely basis to our clients. We offer full-time support to our clients.

Our Clients

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Publication Houses

Acadecraft delivers error-free audiobooks to publishing houses worldwide. We translate the books into different languages and edit them as per our client’s requirements. In the entire process, we ensure the conservation of the essence of the literature.

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eLearning Industry

We deliver audible textbooks and elearning materials to our clients. We produce full-length, chapter-wise, and topic-wise audio content, as per our client’s requirements. We also convert the audio file formats to make them ready for digital publication.

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Educational Institutions

The educational institutions preserve ancient literature in the form of audiobooks. We deliver both unabridged and edited versions in multiple languages to our clients. We edit and modify the texts as per our client’s demands.

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How It Works?

Our experts connect with our clients to discuss the project and their requirements. Accordingly, we develop a team of professionals, including storytellers, translators, editors, and quality analysts, according to the project’s requirements. Then, our experts go through the entire text to understand its essence. After understanding the literature, they start developing audiobooks. Once the audiobooks are ready, our quality analysts listen to them and analyse their quality. If we are satisfied with the quality of the products, we deliver them to our clients. Our clients can request edits and modifications after delivery.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, develop, analyse, test, and deliver!

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