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Engaging Explainer Videos in Affordable Rates for Businesses

Acadecraft is a leading animation service provider offering accurate and error-free videos to clients worldwide
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Key Issues

Nowadays, explainer videos are crucial for product marketing. Businesses often search for professional explainer video developers who can offer compelling videos to help clients increase consumer engagement. But, many explainer video making companies fail to understand the exact motives of the clients. Hence, they miss many crucial points and therefore develop ineffective explainer videos.

Also, the explainer videos need to be as precise as possible. But, many animation service providing companies have inexperienced scriptwriters. They usually make the explainer videos longer than expected, as they fail to accommodate all the data in a short piece of content. It reduces the efficacy of the videos. The explainer videos must be precise, efficient, engaging, and error-free.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have certified video developers who are explainer video specialists. We develop both animated and live-action explainer videos to fulfil every need of our clients. Our video developers start developing the project only after thoroughly understanding the needs of the clients. Hence, we ensure that our videos are fully aligned with our client’s objective and do not include any inappropriate content.

Also, our explainer videos are short, crisp, and cost-effective. They are developed to increase consumer engagement for our clients. Hence, they are compelling and business-friendly. Most importantly, they do not have any glitch or technical error. Our quality analysts repeatedly check the products to ensure the same. We deliver all our services as per the deadlines given by our clients. We provide full-time support to our clients even after delivery.

Types of Explainer Videos

The explainer videos can be of different types, depending on the needs of the clients. Some of the explainer video services offered by Acadecraft are discussed below.

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Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are quite popular in digital mediums. Businesses often try to develop engaging animated explainer videos to gain enhanced outreach. Acadecraft creates animated explainer videos to highlight the most exciting aspects of the products and organisation.

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Live-Action Explainer Videos

Acadecraft develops live-action explainer videos after thoroughly understanding the product details. We ensure that our content is ethical, original, appropriate, and engaging. We offer quality live-action explainer video at a very affordable rate to our clients.

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Whiteboard Explainer Videos

The whiteboard explainer videos are pretty famous for education and training related contents. Acadecraft has specialist whiteboard video makers who collaborate with the subject matter experts to develop error-free, engaging and understandable whiteboard explainer videos.

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Social Media Explainer Video

The social media explainer videos are designed to attract as many consumers as possible. They bring out the various aspects of the client’s products through light-hearted content. Our clients can suggest scripts and customise our products.

Our Clients

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Business Companies

Acadecraft offers error-free and business-friendly explainer videos at a very cost-effective rate to business companies in the UK. Our clients use our services for promotional and marketing videos as well.

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Media Houses

The media houses often use our explainer video services to produce short cover videos for their explicit content. We also deliver effective news wraps, digital media videos, and social media videos to our clients.

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E-learning Companies

The elearning industry often requires short explainer videos for quick topic-wise revision contents. Acadecraft delivers animated and whiteboard explainer videos to our clients. They are accurate and error-free.

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How It Works

Acadecraft ensures to align with the client’s objective. So, we connect with our clients first to understand their needs. Then we design a working model of the projects. Once we complete writing the primary content of the video, we connect with our clients to discuss the scripts and gain their approval. Our video producers use the approved content to develop the videos.

Once the videos are ready, our experienced quality analysts check the overall quality of the videos and ensure that they are appropriate, original, and glitch-free. Once we are thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the videos, we deliver them to our clients within deadlines. We offer full-time support to our clients.

Hence, we connect, understand, create, test, and deliver.

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