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Key Issues

Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics help build promising careers for many in UK. So, the competition in these courses is intense too. Educational clients worldwide are now looking for new and innovative ways to prepare their learners better. MAT is the essential qualification that ensures an opportunity in these fields. So, test prep agencies that provide solutions for MAT are in high demand.

But, all service providers do not provide optimal test solutions. Some lack qualifies SMEs, while others lack the expertise to analyse exam patterns. Knowing a concept and preparing questions for it are two different abilities. As a result, many agencies have SMEs but lack academic writers who can develop unique questions. Also, technical expertise is essential for delivering services online to clients worldwide. However, only a few test prep services have the required software tools and professionals. Therefore, clients must address all these issues before deciding to partner with any test prep service to ensure an optimal outcome.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a reputed eLearning company in the UK, so we are familiar with all the higher education entrance exams. Our team includes experienced linguists, SMEs, academic writers and research analysts who together create the best test prep solutions. Also, we have specialists with vast experience in developing MAT preparation modules. Realising the importance of digital presence, we ensure that our modules are readily available online. So, our technical experts make them accessible and compatible across all devices. The formats of our modules depend on the client’s requirement. We deliver them in print-ready formats, as eBook or audio-visual content.

Moreover, our test prep services take into account all the latest syllabus changes and question patterns. So clients are rest assured that they are receiving the most effective test-prep services. Our team stays in communication with the client 24/7 to address all their concerns. We include interactive elements like images, graphics, charts and more to make the content engaging. As MAT involves a lot of mathematical content, we always keep the modules simple and clear. Therefore, learners can quickly locate formulae, equations, important notes and more. Most importantly, we deliver the modules in multiple languages so clients worldwide can provide lessons in native languages.

Types of Test Prep Services For MAT

Experienced professionals of Acadecraft deliver a wide range of test-prep services. So, clients worldwide benefit from our solutions.

Professional MAT test preparation service
Group Tests

Learning in groups enhances problem-solving abilities. So, Acadecraft designs online test modules where multiple aspirants can participate. Clients use these tests to help develop a competitive yet collaborative spirit among their learners.

Professional MAT test preparation service provider
One-To-One Tuition

Acadecraft offers online tutoring help to clients that delivers one-on-one lessons to their learners. We ensure that our tutors are available 24/7 and can provide lessons in native languages.

Professional MAT test preparation service provider in UK
Conceptual Content

Acadecraft develops high-quality descriptive content for the various concepts included in the MAT exam. Clients use these materials to help learners easily understand complicated topics. So, we ensure to use simple language, graphics, charts and more for higher engagement.

Professional MAT test preparation service company
Practice Tests

These tests resemble the real MAT test in terms of question pattern and time. It helps learners develop an idea of the actual exam situation. So, clients use to for learners who are in their last leg of preparation.

Our Clients

Best MAT test preparation service


Acadecraft provides test prep solutions for MAT to various eLearning platforms. These companies trust our services because experts prepare our modules. We deliver them in multiple digital formats and include graphics, images and audio-visuals.

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Schools and colleges use our test prep solutions to prepare their aspirants for MAT. Our modules follow the accurate syllabus and exam pattern. Clients prefer our solutions because they are available both in print-ready and digital formats.

MAT test preparation service

Coaching Institutes

Acadecraft provides a range of online learning materials to coaching institutes delivering MAT test preparation study material. They use our services because we deliver on time and in multiple languages. The modules cater to all crucial concepts in a sequential manner.

MAT test preparation service in Uk

How It Works?

Acadecraft provides effective test prep solutions for MAT to clients in the UK. We customise our services according to the client’s needs and exam pattern.

First, we connect to the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of all the different types of test prep services needed. Our team then prepares the content, which our technical experts integrate into online LMS and platforms. Finally, our quality analysts review the solutions for accuracy and validity.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, prepare, transform and review before delivery.

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