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We are a leading eLearning solutions provider creating engaging video lectures for our valued clients worldwide
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Key Issues

Despite the rising popularity of eLearning, many criticise saying it is monotonous as compared to live classroom experiences. The absence of direct communication between the learner and the instructor has been one of the major setbacks. Video lectures solve this issue by providing live online communication facilities and lesson delivery. Clients look for effective video lecture services that can film, capture and edit live lectures while also providing hosting and distribution services.

However, finding a professional eLearning video solutions provider that can create and host video lectures in multiple languages across different academic disciplines is challenging. Most video developers lack the experience required to handle large volumes of information and are oblivious to the latest technological advancements, which results in poor quality old-fashioned videos. An efficient eLearning video solutions provider is always mindful of the compatibility and accessibility requirements and delivers a range of services within the stipulated time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As one of the leading eLearning service developers in the UK, Acadecraft is adept at producing and hosting interactive video lectures for various academic concepts and levels. Our SMEs, video designers, editors and quality analysts work together to create engaging video lectures in different languages and concept fields. We incorporate subtitles, voice-overs, definitions, live captions, animations, simulations and other supportive elements to ensure that the lectures are accessible to all. Also, our developers pay special attention to the format of the videos so that they are compatible across all devices and screen sizes. Our videos facilitate live communication and feedback from the users to allow the easy flow of information. The experts at Acadecraft professionally handle any amount of information and convert them into usable video lectures quickly and accurately. We serve our clients worldwide and 24*7.

Types Of Video Solution Services

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Micro videos

Acadecraft creates one to two minute long instructional and topic-specific videos. These short videos are parts of longer videos that are complete in themselves. In these videos, instructors provide to-the-point explanations that users can easily access and retain. Short descriptive videos with very specific information are popular among today’s fast-paced generation. They contain stepwise information that students can easily understand and follow.

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Tutorials and Lessons

Acadecraft designs medium-length tutorial videos for various academic disciplines and concept fields. Based on the client’s needs, the videos may include direct instruction, animated guidance through charts and virtual instructors or question and answers. If required we create these videos with the help of our own online tutors who deliver information in multiple languages and accents. To make these videos more engaging and accessible, we use infographics, voice-overs, animations and narrations. Our videos perfectly support the core study material and help students with quick revisions.

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Presentation & Lecture Capture

Acadecraft records and edits audio lectures and lectures assisted by PowerPoint presentations using a webcam and microphone. We have the latest hardware and software technologies required to capture video lectures. These videos are usually as long as the length of a normal class but our real-time IT platform support services assure to insert important definitions, images, diagrams and subtitles wherever possible to spare viewers from monotony.

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Animated Videos

Acadecraft’s talented animators generate trendy video animations in 2D and 3D. Depending on the client’s needs and the scale of the project, the videos may be completely or partially animated. Our high definition animation videos are fun and easy to understand. We use the latest industry-approved gadgets and software to record animated videos and integrate them into real-time lecture sessions.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft delivers interactive and accessible video lectures to eLearning clients worldwide. We integrate engaging elements like graphics, images, animations, charts and more to interest users of various academic genres. We design responsive and compatible videos for all educational, based on the prescribed learning objectives and curriculum needs of the client.

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Acadecraft designs and hosts effective video lectures of various types to suit the needs of our educational clients. Schools and training institutes rely on our eLearning video services for effective and on-time delivery of lectures to remote learners. We offer customised video services to all primary and secondary educational institutes in the UK. Our videos allow easy understanding and innovative delivery of information. We design them based on the academic needs and prerequisite knowledge of the target audience.

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Acadecraft supplies innovative video solutions to publishers who produce eLearning modules online. Depending on the client needs we make both long and short lecture videos. Our online tutors, SMEs, subtitlers, narrators and voice-over specialists contribute to making an engaging and accessible video for the target audience. We use the latest technology to handle a high volume of information and deliver on time.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we guarantee unique and effective video lectures for all our clients. We design them in accordance with the curriculum needs and pedagogy patterns prescribed by the clients.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and document the areas of development. Then, we create a script according to the type of video required. Based on it we record and edit the video. Finally, our quality analysts review the videos for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, we understand, document, script, record & edit, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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