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We are a recognized company providing multilingual voice-over services online to all our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Voice-over services require tremendous skill and experience. Good voice-over artists can make content come to life with useful variations in the warmth and tone of delivery.

However, most voice-over service providers lack talented artists who can deliver amazing voice-overs for various audiences. Speech is an integral part of any audio or video content, and finding the right voice actor with the perfect voice is challenging. Agencies must employ well-trained voice actors who understand the role's functionality and can adjust with various moods, emotions, and tones of the content. They must voice over in a way that communicates the message of the content to the target audience most effectively and understandably. Depending on the content's motive, voice-over agencies should deliver services in line with the client's needs, which may suit a friendly, professional, or neutral voice.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft's team of multilingual voice-over artists and experts deliver impactful content in many native languages of the UK. We have professionals who are well-versed with native languages and can provide voice-over for several content types. Our experienced voice actors deliver a perfect combination of accurate tone and accent in the required language. They have in-depth knowledge of various fields and provide voice over after understanding the content's severity and motive. Our trained professionals always strike the right chords with the targeted listeners. We also provide cross-cultural communication by recording and editing existing voice-overs in the desired native language. We offer selective and extensive voice casting to ensure an ideal pitch, tone, and conversation flow. With the aid of hi-tech software and technology experts, we deliver crisp, clear, to-the-point, and accurate voice-over services to industries of all sectors.

Types Of Voice-Over Services

Acadecraft delivers a wide range of voice-over services with the help of experienced voice artists, technological experts, and professional linguists who assure unique and accurate voice-over that aligns with client requirements, content motive, and character.

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Commercial Voice-Overs

Acadecraft is proficient with commercial voice-overs directed to promote and market client services in the desired native language. Our team effectively uses the right tone and words to attract listeners towards offers and schemes that the client wants to familiarise with amongst the local people.

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Animation Voice-Overs

Our talented team of voice artists also lends their voices to animated characters and sound effects. They modify their voices as per the character requirement and communicate the emotions correctly. As animations are mostly directed to children, our artists ensure clarity, ease-of-understanding, humor, and exaggerated emotions in their content delivery.

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Audiobooks Voice-overs

Audiobooks are becoming an upcoming mode and popular mode of reading among the young audience. We deliver interactive audiobook voice-over services that preserve the information and story's ambiance, and appropriate background sounds to elevate the reading experience.

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Corporate and Educational Voice-Overs

Acadecraft delivers precise and professional academic voice-over services for various subjects, courses, and training modules. The training materials, course videos, experiment videos, human resources videos, learning modules, and the like are voiced in many languages in a professional and authoritative tone.

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Podcast Voice-Overs

Acadecraft's voice artists create clean and crisp audio files vital for podcasts as there is no visual element to distract the listener from the audio quality. Our team lends their voices in multiple languages in the pitch and speed demanded by the script.

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Narration Voice-Overs

Our team also delivers narration voice-overs for academic, artistic, corporate, and entertainment content. Narrations delivered by our voice actors are crisp, contextual, well-researched, and unique for every client.

Our Clients

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft delivers accurate and professional voice-over for different subjects, courses, and education levels following the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications.

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Acadecraft delivers the best voice-over services to the entertainment industry. We create voice-over for advertisements, podcasts, plays, dramas, and more in many native languages.

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Acadecraft provides voice-overs for numerous training modules, skill-development videos, product demos, promotional content, and other virtual audio or audio-visual content for the corporate sector.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our workflow is directed towards creating professional voice-over that enhances learner understanding and listener engagement.

Initially, we understand the requirements of our clients and collect the source content. We then translate the script accurately and select an experienced voice-over artist who would fit the role perfectly. Then, we record the dialogues in the required pace, pitch, and flow. This recording is then mixed with audio and synced with the visuals. Finally, our quality analysts and editors review the work.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we understand, collect, translate, select, record, mix, and review.

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