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Key Issues

Alt-text or Alternative text writing refers to words or phrases inserted in an HTML document to let viewers know about an image's content that they cannot see for various reasons. The text appears in a blank box that otherwise contains the image. It describes the different visual elements on the internet that may be an illustration, image, graphic or photograph.

To create an ideal Alt-text, writers must focus on keeping the information short and crisp while at the same time, ensuring to include all the necessary details. They should have a strong command over different languages and must be able to simplify complicated information for easy understanding. In their content, the message, motive and relevance of the image should be evident so that people with special needs can immediately grasp the information's essence. Alt-Text Writers need to have a deep understanding of every visual element of an image. Every component used in a graphic is there for a purpose, and the writer must be able to comprehend what it portrays by observing its intricacies and complexities. They need to have an intricate understanding of what images, illustrations, and diagrams mean to effectively create manuals and textbooks for specially abled individuals with learning disabilities.

Alt-Writer Services

Acadecraft's experienced Alt-text writers can inscribe descriptive, precise and useful Alt-texts for all kinds of visual elements, information and language. They have in-depth knowledge across various information domains, which allow them to create accessible and accurate content for users belonging to different regions and lines of work or study.

alt text writing services

Qualities of our Alt-text writers:

  • Descriptive writing
  • In-Depth Research
  • Language Fluency
  • Understanding Target Audience
  • Enhancing Accessibility
  • Ensuring Accuracy
  • Improve Topical Relevance
  • Concise and Clear Communication

How can Acadecraft Help?

Our Alt-text writers help businesses in the UK and worldwide by assisting them with accurate Alt-texts to ensure easy readability and a better understanding of visuals. Writers at Acadecraft work manually on every project to ensure perfection and uniqueness. They offer a detailed description of all visual elements in any graphical content, photo or drawing for the specially abled. Our team has professional and capable writers who have profound knowledge of topics across multiple fields and are familiar with all the latest technological advancements and software development. As a leading eLearning company in the UK, Acadecraft delivers Alt-text services for a range of educational books, academic courses, industrial training and marketing schemes. Before writing, we analyse the content, categorise the various visuals and pen down a detailed explanation. Based on this, the information is converted to effective Alt-texts, which the quality analysts later review to assure optimal quality and delivery of service.

alt text writers
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