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We offer precise and concept-specific student-teacher manual development services online to all our valued clients.

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Key Issues

Higher education textbooks carry complex and thought-provoking questions that sometimes prove a challenge even for the teachers. These problems are significant from the academic perspective as they help students practice and get an idea about the expected questions. However, higher educational institutions face challenges in handling these questions accurately with detailed explanations. Most student-teacher manuals are put together by agencies that lack experience and subject knowledge. Wrong or incomplete answers end up misguiding students and mess up their concept understanding at a fundamental level.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), designers, and writers can deliver the best higher education student-teacher solution manuals in the UK. They have years of experience and knowledge across various academic disciplines and can come up with the most accurate solutions to every textbook problem and include multiple methods of reaching a solution. Our manuals describe the background of a problem and explain the answer in detail using simple language so that the student can understand the problem quickly. The manuals are well-structured and accompanied by supporting diagrams, charts, or images wherever required. We deliver our best services to our clients regardless of timezones.

Types Of Manual Services

As one of the experienced manual development services in the UK, we design and develop subject-specific, chapter-wise manuals in correspondence with the textbook(s) prescribed by our client. We offer two types of higher education manual development services, which are

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Higher Education Student Manual Development Services

Acadecraft has expertise in developing student manuals for higher education. Our skilled team of researchers and SMEs assure accurate and detailed solutions to every problem. Our student manuals include all topics that are a part of the client's academic curriculum and adhere to the instructor's principles and training components. Our answers are descriptive, precise, focused, subject-specific, and in line with the teaching-learning pattern requested by the client. They also function effectively as tutoring catalogues containing all the chapters and can provide academic assistance to any student before a test or preparatory exam.

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Higher Education Teacher Manual Development Services

Our team offers teachers and professors manual development solutions for higher education, guiding their students and conducting lectures effortlessly. Our SMEs and writers supplement the manuals with practical examples, facts, and figures that the professors can refer to while explaining a concept. The teaching style, curriculum pattern, and accreditation standards of the higher education client guide our content. Designers pay special attention to arranging the content sequentially to enhance understanding and visibility. The manual development specialists ensure that all the syllabus topics are included and explained in detail. Our manuals are a stepwise solution guide to textbook problems accompanied by supplementary information that can provide teachers with additional help by drawing interesting comparisons, citing relevant examples, and astonishing statistics.

Our Clients

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Our services cater to the needs of the numerous students and teachers engaged with e-learning. We deliver our services in various formats as our team is well-versed with the usage of different software required to produce and provide content online.

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Educational Institutes

We deliver our services to universities, university colleges, higher education institutes, further education institutes, and alternative providers.

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Academic publishers who produce higher education content depend on us for the regular and accurate supply of information for student and teacher manuals. We deliver well-researched solutions to seemingly unsolvable textbook problems in an explanatory manner on time and with precision.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we deliver easily understandable concepts, in-depth knowledge, and practical manuals to students and teachers.

We first collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Based on that, we design a template and develop the manual content. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, design, develop, review and deliver.

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