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Overcoming Language Barriers With Professional And Diverse Dubbing Services By Experts

We record high-quality voice-overs in multiple languages and deliver original content to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

People prefer to watch video content in their native language as it facilitates easy understanding and promotes a sense of belongingness. Dubbing plays a vital role in making content accessible to all and helps businesses reach a wider audience by breaking language barriers. Delivering concepts, ideas, emotions, and information in native languages without losing the content's motive and meaning is challenging. Professional dubbing service providers should provide all types of content in any native language required by the client. They should have widely experienced dubbing artists to proficiently dub videos with the right emotions, tone, flow, pitch, pace, and accent. They should have clear pronunciation and deliver content smoothly and attractively.

Clients struggle to find a talented and reliable dubbing artist who can help them reach a larger audience and boost their brand awareness. They look for agencies who can provide trusted professionals and deliver high-quality services on-time.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft offers professional dubbing services skilfully delivered by our talented dubbing artists across multiple languages and concept fields. Our dubbing artists and technical subject matter experts work together to efficiently dub audio and video clips in the appropriate tone and desired language. We are mindful of punctuations, pitch, pauses, pace, and consistency while dubbing. Our multilingual dubbing experts are skilled in delivering fluent and easily understandable content in native languages and accents for audiences worldwide. Their vast experience allows them to dub for various content related to academic, business and other industry sectors. Our services guarantee a greater business reach, customer satisfaction and brand awareness to clients. Companies across the United Kingdom, rely on our localisation services because we do not just translate the content but also take the context and emotions of the content into consideration. Our dubbing artists are native speakers familiar with the culture and history of the target audience, which help them deliver flawless dubbing services 24*7.

Types Of Dubbing Services

Acadecraft delivers professional audio and video dubbing services coupled with translation and transcription to clients in the UK and worlwide. Our team is adept at providing different types of dubbing services.

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Phrase Sync Audio Dubbing

Acadecraft delivers phrase sync audio services for e-learning modules, tutorials and corporate presentations. We pay special attention to the timing and carefully match the dubbing with the video, one phrase at a time. Our dubbing artists time their speech with the characters and dub for various types of content.

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Lip Sync Audio Dubbing

Acadecraft's dubbing artists expertly sync lip movements, tone, pace and personality of the on-screen characters. The dubbed voice overlaps the original content perfectly. Our translators ensure that the translated dialogues are of the same length as the original ones and perfectly match the timing of the characters' lip movements.

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Voiceover Audio Dubbing

Our experts narrate the original content in the target language in voice-over audio dubbing. The original voice remains in the final video. We provide high-quality voice-over dubbing services for radio, TV reports, advertisements, documentaries, feature stories, and sitcoms while preserving the original characters' motive and emotions. In our final product, the audience can hear the original voices in the backdrop. They realise that the translated voice is acting as an interpretation of the original message.

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In our lectoring services, the dubbing artist repeats all the dialogues spoken. The artist makes no effort in capturing the tone, style, pitch or any or other characteristics of the original content and focus only on repeating the dialogues in the native language. Clients use this service to deliver instructive information or news in a specific language.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides creative dubbing services to the entertainment industry. Our dubbing actors deliver accurate and character-based dubbing services for commercials, sitcoms, films, web series, and other entertainment ventures. We provide dubbing services in multiple languages to clients worldwide round the clock.

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Acadecraft provides professional dubbing services to businesses across different sectors in the UK. We dub for both audio and video content like instructions in metros, trains, buses, supermarkets, or other public places. Our announcements are fluent, attractive and formal. We also dub for various training modules, employee briefings, product demos, presentations, webinars and other corporate events.

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Acadecraft dubs academic content for audiobooks, tutorials, lecture videos, and other eLearning modules. Educational institutes and eLearning platforms rely on us for accurate and attractive dubbing that is pleasing to the ears and easy-to-understand. We adhere to the pedagogy styles and learning goals of the client while dubbing for academic content.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we ensure that we deliver accurate, professional and customised dubbing services to clients across different industry sectors.

First, we understand the client requirements and collect audio or video content. Next, we transcribe and translate the content into the target language. We then select an experienced dubbing artist who best suits the role. Next, we record and edit the conversations in the native language, ensuring a natural flow, pitch, and pace. Next, we mix the dubbed audio and ensure that it syncs perfectly with the video, depending on the dubbing type. Finally, our dubbing analysts review the quality of the dubbed file before delivering.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we understand, translate, select, record, mix, review and deliver.

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