Custom E-learning Solutions – Role in Corporate Training

Custom E-learning Solutions – Role in Corporate Training

With the advent of technology, corporates are facing new challenges every day. Thus, meeting the learning and development (L&D) objective in the hustle of daily training is a daunting task for clients. However, Custom E-learning Solutions give companies a training advantage with pre-built courses, eLearning templates, and much more.

Until 2026, the market cap of online corporate training will reach $50 billion. 72% of organizations prefer custom eLearning modules because they believe it helped in increasing their competitive edge. Moreover, they are fit for the specific skillset and higher ROI. Read on what role does it play in elevating the corporate training experience with help of virtual reality animation.

Key Merits of Custom E-Learning Solutions in Corporate Training

The eLearning market is 21 years old, and it is here to stay. But what factors make it so special for the corporate world? Let us explore.

Increase the knowledge retention rate

Off-the-shelf courses have a retention rate of 8%-10%. On the other hand, custom eLearning courses have a knowledge retention rate of 25%-60%. As your corporate learners have a short attention span, it is better to opt for custom eLearning courses for corporate training programs. With custom eLearning, clients connect learners to real-life scenarios, interactive training courses, and others.

As a result, it boosts your learners’ productivity by 40%-50%. It is not that their increased productivity level is useful for their purpose. But it also benefits your corporate organization. Every $1 invested in the training program gives the return of $30. Thus, optimize your corporate training today itself for a higher learning ROI.

1.     Less L&D time

Developing 1 hour interactive custom eLearning courses takes 197 hours. On the other hand, designing conventional corporate training courses of the same training duration takes 716 hours for L&D. Thus, clients can save their valuable time and L&D resources by opting for custom eLearning courses.

However, if technical expertise becomes the major hurdle, Custom E-learning Content Development companies are always available 24/7 to provide technical assistance and impeccable solutions. Professional, skilled instructional designers carry years of expertise in designing flawless and interactive courses for corporates.

2.     Skill development

Next, the major USP of custom eLearning material is it emphasizes skill development. For instance, your company’s staff members lack sales negotiation skills. So, branching scenarios in eLearning modules is an interactive form of learning which helps learners to acquire specific skills. This is not our statement, but 53% of business organizations claim that it helps in building skills.

Blended learning, micro learning, or social and collaborative learning boost the skill development process of learners. If we talk about only micro learning, it surpasses the average retention rate of eLearning modules (80%). Thus, 94% of companies worldwide prefer micro learning solutions to facilitate corporate training and skill development.

3.     Targeted assessments

No doubt, corporate training is a two way communication, and targeted assessments possess the same feature. This type of custom e-learning solution work with real-time feedback and live tracking of the learning progress to elevate the learning experience. Companies can determine the success rate of targeted assessments.

Also, learners can determine how much knowledge they acquired at what rate.  One study shows the success rate of targeted assessments ranges between 60%-90%. Thus, corporates worldwide emphasize targeted assessments to streamline the training projects and evaluate corporate learners. After all, evaluation time is also saved.

4.     Introduction to advancement

In 1995, 90% of organizations did not use custom eLearning courses. However, today 92% of organizations worldwide use custom eLearning content for corporate training purposes. Today, corporate organizations opt for web eLearning, virtual classrooms, video lessons, and social media learning.

These advanced eLearning solutions are interactive and produce an effective outcome. The study shows that 69% of learners prefer video learning instead of reading written documents. But developing such an advanced solution requires time and effort. Hence, professional custom eLearning solutions providers pace up the L&D process without compromising on quality standards.

5.     Focus On On boarding

With custom e-learning solutions, corporate organizations develop flexible on boarding programs for new talents. By doing so, new recruitments easily understand the company’s values, policies and guidelines. So, companies integrate microlearning modules, AR VR eLearning courses to provide an interactive on boarding experience.

When new talents interact with virtual elements and acquire knowledge in a risk-free learning environment, they acquire five times more knowledge compared to conventional learning solutions. After all, retaining top talents for your organization will add value to business productivity and growth.

Key Takeaways

Designing accurate and flawless custom eLearning courses requires adequate technical and manual expertise. Thus, clients collaborate with reliable solutions providers like Acadecraft.

With us, clients receive customized, innovative, interactive, and flawless solutions for higher learning ROI. Moreover, we provide multilingual solutions that fit the L&D parameter for clients worldwide. Besides, our experts have years of expertise in developing interactive solution.

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