Gamification Services: Advantages of gamifying business

Gamification Services: Advantages of gamifying business

Gamification is one of the latest technologies that the corporate world uses to facilitate the learning process. Here, clients use gaming concepts to engage learners. Despite the buzz, many companies still stick to their traditional learning pattern because they doubt the results. However, gamified solutions guarantee higher client engagement. So, clients must integrate their business with accurate gamification solutions. Having in-house gamification design experts is not cost-effective, so clients opt for a game-based learning service provider. Let’s decipher what advantages companies receive through gamification services.

What is meant by gamification?

Gamification means implementing gaming elements in the learning program. It increases the learners’ retention power and user engagement. When applied, it simplifies the range of organizational issues like:

  • Sales staff performance
  • Ability to complete work and worldly tasks
  • Gym performance
  • Organizational productivity
  • Your ability to get into the ‘flow’
  • Retention of knowledge
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Recruitment issues
  • Customer retention

Advantages of availing of gamification services for professional training

Makes learning fun and interactive

Gaming elements in the gamification solution make learning fun with a high level of engagement. A good gamification strategy by professional gamification experts increases the level of engagement. Also, it helps learners to recall concepts with an increase in retention power. Thus, clients look for professional learning platforms that deliver high-quality Game-based e-learning solutions. Sometimes, games can be called the ticket of personalized learning where clients let learners set the rules of the learning game. Also, it gives learners a character or avatar to control the learning solutions. Therefore, many corporate organizations look for professionally curated gamification solutions.

Conveys corporate image

Gamification solutions offer extensive possibilities of conveying and showcasing the corporate image. Thereby, it acts as the internal communication tool between clients and learners. Also, it attracts the attention of potential learners by strengthening their job roles. With Gamified learning, it is simpler and easier for organizations to transmit and deliver learning modules. It makes the learning process interactive and fun. So, an effective gaming solution enhances the corporate image by making the learning solution effective. Therefore, clients look for a reliable and certified gamification service provider that delivers effective learning solutions. Connecting with a reliable service provider enhances a brand’s integrity and reputation.

Improved security

Companies require adequate time, technical expertise, and human resources to enhance their cyber security. Although, not all clients meet these parameters and outsource third-party agencies. A study shows the workforce counts 40% of all the security breaches. Hence, investing in cyber security becomes essential for clients to yield ROI. Gamification strategies surpass traditional training methods. Game-based learning is 77% more effective than traditional ones. Conducting market research, keeping data safe and mitigating cyber-attacks are essential for clients to consider. Find the right gamification services provider that meets the client’s parameters and security norms.

Reduces learners’ burnout

Game or game-based apps mitigates learners’ anxiety and burnout. Research shows gaming apps reduce anxiety symptoms in the workforce better than other Smartphone apps. Clients can offer membership programs of game based learning solutions to relieve their stress. Learners feel exhausted and less motivated with traditional training activities. Therefore, clients must try to retain their productivity level. Clients can easily engage learners with gamification -based apps and witness the significant reduction in learners’ anxiety symptoms. Moreover, gamification is the morale builder that engages learners and paints target KPIs (key performance indicators) in a more playful light.

Improves the organization’s productivity

More motivation, less burnout leads to the learners’ productivity. As a result, the organization receives productive results from employees. So, clients look to create a relaxed and collaborative environment by opting for gamification solutions. A good and competitive environment in the workplace detoxes learners’ minds and improves their productivity.

Efficient training and development

Investing millions of dollars in employee training and not on other tasks is a dead investment. Clients must ensure higher ROI and goal-oriented results while investing. However, those who continue training programs with traditional patterns won’t receive effective outcomes. For few clients, developing training programs could be a challenging task. Also, most of them are unable to make sure all learners receive the same quality training. Therefore, in this digital era, investing in gamification services is a profitable deal. Here, clients can introduce different games and competitions to make training programs engaging and interactive. Also, the rewarding system in game-based e-learning solutions gratifies best-performing employees.

Improve learner’s skills

Corporate training emphasizes skills and expertise instead of formal certification. Learners sometimes lack certain skills like sales negotiation. Especially, the sales team finds negotiation training or acquiring the same skill a challenging task. Negotiation skills are beyond textbook content and require practical training. Here, Gamification solutions come into the picture that develops negotiation skills required in a personalized feedback manner. Also, it enables learners to gain mastery over the concepts of sales training. In game-based learning, instructors present the theory via role-plays and group dynamics exercises.

The bottom line

Gamification solution is the need of an hour for corporate training programs. As technology is overruling human resources, it is better to invest in high-quality gamification solutions. However, not all service providers meet the business objectives of clients. Therefore, clients must connect with a reliable and certified service provider that assures high-quality and engaging gamification services.

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