5 Facts to Consider Before Outsourcing Images Restoration Services

5 Facts to Consider Before Outsourcing Images Restoration Services

Old photographs are vulnerable to physical damage. It  will not convey accurate information as fresh images do.  So, what can your brand do to rectify burn marks, stains and faded quality of images? Well, the answer is image restoration. Let images restoration services providers do this task. Remember, service providers can boost your company’s digital marketing efforts. And to support this statement, we have one fact.

Fact file: Social media, websites, and other digital marketing assets have one creative solution to gain viewers attention towards the brand. Those are images! According to one report, image posts on one of the leading social media platforms received 400% more engagement than text posts and virtual reality animation

So, what are the things that every company must consider while collaborating with photo restoration companies? Below is the answer!

What to Consider While Outsourcing Images Restoration Services

Majority of brands fail to determine what to look for in an image restoration company. No worries! We are here to make their task easy! Keep reading this post.

Determine the photo need

So, for what purpose is your company looking for images? Is it for social media marketing? Or for the company’s website’s purpose? Remember that high-quality images garner the attention of your consumers and visitors. As a result, brands get a boost and increase their online presence. Hence, your outsourcing partner should have a complete spectrum of image restoration solutions. 

They must be able to deliver dynamic solutions to clients for social media or other digital marketing channels. Also, they must be able to manage volumes of old photographs in black and white or grayscale format. Every brand has a unique requirement of images. Therefore, a service provider should be able to meet the customized requirement of clients.

  1. What technology do they use?

This is the 21st century, and almost everything has been digitized. So, to make your brand perform well, it is a must to partner with modern technologies. Hence, outsourced vendors should have advanced technologies to restore multiple format images. Some of the popular technical solutions that image restoration companies must have are:

  • Linear filtering 
  • Independent Component Analysis 
  • Pixelation 
  • Template matching 
  • Image Generation Technique

Why are they required? It is because outdated technologies are unable to capture or restore images to give them a better look. So, if your company is looking for a photo restoration service provider, check whether they have advanced technology or not? Remember, the right technology will boost your brand’s credibility.

  • Past samples

Samples portray the efficiency of every company. Even your company also provides samples to bring more clients and consumers! Thus, check samples of your outsourced images restoration services provider to check the quality of solutions they provide. Are they good at the product photography domain? Or do they have a good command over eCommerce images?  Make sure that these service providers align with your business requirement.

Checking samples even gives a better idea about the quality of the copyediting proofreading process they follow. However, if you are still not satisfied with the provided samples, requesting a free quote is the best solution. Share your project’s requirements and get a free quote on the same. If your company is satisfied, collaborate with them!

  • Quick turnaround time

According to market reports, the average time for image restoration is 1 week per 5 photographs. If your outsourced vendor meets this parameter, well and good! However, if it does not, keep searching (look) for more options. Well, a quick turnaround time is crucial for companies dealing with bulk orders. 

There is a wise saying, “A stitch in time saves nine”.  So, do not  take  risks with image restoration tasks.

Hence, when it comes to outsourcing images restoration services provider, do not ignore this factor. After all, your company has to manage other projects as well. 

  • Costs

On average, the restoration cost per image is around $2, and per project, it costs around $250. So, connect with the service provider that delivers affordable solutions. Why so? It is because some of them charge hidden fees, extra taxes and rework costs. However, it is not the same case with the reliable service providers.

They never charge extra for rework. They are even comfortable reworking multiple times until their clients are satisfied. Moreover, talented and image restoration specialists take care of everything, including torn photo repair. They charge relatively low to pass on the cost benefits to their business partners.

Wrapping It Up

Images speak of a thousand emotions. For every digital solution, companies require images both old and new. Hence, it is important for companies to connect with a reliable solutions provider who meets business requirements. Also, they should be able to maximize your brand potential by providing customized solutions, and Acadecraft UK is the best name.

We provide customized images restoration services at affordable prices and 24*7 technical assistance to different industries.

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