Custom eLearning Development- 4 Effective Trends For 2022

Custom eLearning Development- 4 Effective Trends For 2022

Does your company believe in setting trends and leaving a mark among the audience? If yes, this blog will let you know the right way! As an eLearning provider, there are numerous challenges that your company faces! However, you can leverage those with custom e learning development solutions. 

According to reports, 93% of companies plan to adopt online learning. Isn’t that good news? But, living up to the expectations and delivering an engaging module is challenging. No worries! We’ll help your company get its way. 

We all know that the millennial and Gen-Z generation learners stay far away from the one-size-fits-all learning approach. And, reports suggest that today’s generation prefers learning at their pace. Also, with eLearning, the productivity level hits up to 25%!

But did your team’s employees know that we can now customise learning solutions? A survey states that learning platforms and virtual reality that personalise learning experiences will push out the simple LMS approach by 2021! 

Does your company want to be the top trendsetter with custom e learning solutions? Read on to know how your company can do it! 

Be Innovative With Custom E Learning Development Solutions 

1. Mobile Learning

Does your company want to strike a chord with the audience? Then they should invest in something that is the centre of today’s generation. Yes, it is a mobile phone. Research states that 80% of the world’s users use smartphones.

If your company offers eLearning modules that can operate on mobile phones, imagine the rush! Most users prefer learning courses in their time of need or in their free time. So, mobile learning offers that convenience to the users. With mobile learning, you can cover a range of training needs:

  • Self-directed learning
  • Formal training
  • Informal training
  • Collaborative or Social learning 

Also, reports state that business leaders saw an improvement of 55% in their business after adopting mobile learning. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? The custom e learning development ideas can do more. Want to know? 

Various mobile learning applications can keep the users engaged. Some of them include:

  • Quiz and puzzle applications
  • Storytelling apps for children with audio-visual content
  • Corporate/classroom training aids

2. Microlearning Videos Custom E Learning Development

Along with mobile learning, companies need to ensure that they look into the users’ preferences! As already mentioned, today’s generation doesn’t accept the one-size-fits-all learning approach. Also, the long, tedious content doesn’t suit their needs. What to do?

Microlearning videos are the perfect solution! Here, the eLearning developers break the complex modules into tiny chunks to help the users with efficient learning. 

Custom e learning solutions, like microlearning, bring in better retention and engagement rates. Did your company have any idea that m learning will become the microlearning mode of choice by 2025? 

In fact, investing in microlearning wouldn’t cost your company much! Reports suggest that microlearning development costs are 50% cheaper than longer eLearning courses. 

3. Gamification

Smaller chunks of learning are great! But doesn’t games highly motivate today’s generation? Why not invest in them?

To be one of the trendsetters, your company must leverage the users’ interest to gain the maximum advantage. Game-based learning is one of the most helpful approaches that engage and motivate users to learn. 

In companies, reports suggest that 33% of employees prefer to have game-like effects in their training. What about gamification custom e learning development in educational institutions? We’ll tell you about that too!

67% of pupils prefer gamified learning more motivating and engaging than the traditional courses! If your company’s team is wondering, what’s so special about gamification, let’s take a look!

  • There are rewards at each level that serve as motivation and allow users to move forward with games.
  • With gamification, a company’s ROI sees a high rise!
  • With gamification, your company’s team will have better recall and retention rates.

 4.  AR and VR Solutions 

What’s more fun than gamification? We are sure your company has heard about immersive learning! We are here to help you more with that!

Custom e-learning development like AR and VR learning solutions has taken the world by storm! According to reports, 97% of pupils like to study a VR course. Also, 41% of educational institutions and 16% of marketing companies use VR solutions.

Does your team want to know why they are effective? They engage users and improve retention rates because they bring in a mirror reality of the real-world experience. 

With AR and VR solutions, you’ll feel that you are part of that artificial and animated world. With simulations, AR and VR solutions let users engage in an immersive experience. What’s more interesting than a simulated immersive experience? 

Along with benefitting users, companies using AR and VR solutions see an increase in conversion rates. It leads to a higher ROI! 

Wrapping Up

 Companies can explore custom e learning development modules and ensure better learning for the users. If your organisation wants to be on the trending list of 2022, incorporating the above techniques is the apt way!

But, companies must ensure to get help from the best custom learning providers in the UK! Haven’t you heard about Acadecraft? We are a leading ed-tech company providing 100% client satisfaction with our accurate and innovative services. Trust us with your company’s requirements, and we’ll not disappoint!

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